Jamf: Zero-trust cloud security

Jamf security services connect remote workers to business
applications, protect devices from sophisticated threats and
effectively control data usage in an effort to promote productivity.


  • A modern cybersecurity service for your remote operations

  • Users are no longer tied to the corporate campus, and company data has moved to the cloud. Verizon technology partner Jamf can help you implement a consistent and seamless security experience for remote users. Help avoid cyberattacks from outside your organization, and manage the usage risks that come from inside.



Jamf is best for:

  • iot


    Organizations that want to provide secure access to applications in public or private cloud, in data centers, or in (SaaS) environments

  • Buildings


    Small to enterprise-sized organizations that require endpoint and network security that is fast and effective

  • Shield


    Organizations that want to standardize on a single, unified solution for compatible Google® Android®, Apple® iOS and  macOS®, Microsoft® Windows® 10 devices

  • Give your workforce an edge with the right devices.

  • Drive increased productivity with the latest smartphones, tablets and network devices for your organization.

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    What is it?

    Jamf is a cloud-delivered security solution that can protect modern enterprises operating beyond the traditional perimeter. When remote users access applications from their smartphones or laptops, Jamf ’s cloud infrastructure securely connects workers to business applications, and provides real-time threat defense and in-network content filtering to help keep business assets protected.

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    How does it help you?

    Jamf defends the users, devices and applications that keep your business running. It can cover compatible smartphones, tablets, Jetpack devices and laptops, and it provides a unified analytics and policy engine that lets you configure policy once and apply it everywhere. From rapid deployments to single-pane-of-glass administration, the integrated security solution operates at cloud scale to help boost worker productivity, maintain business policy compliance and protect your organization’s data while maintaining accessibility.

Benefits beyond baseline device security

Get visibility and management of your mobile data across both cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

  • Zero-trust network access

    Provide secure remote access to business applications with sanctioned device checks and risk assessments.

  • Effective threat defense

    Protect mobile endpoints with coordinated protections on the device and in the network.

  • Content filtering

    Set intelligent rules to dynamically filter the content that’s available through company devices, no matter how they access the Internet.

  • One solution

    A unified security solution that enables modern remote access, effective threat defense and in-network security.

  • Rich ecosystem

    Combine a range of industry integrations and deployment options to give you the right solution for each use case.

  • Seamless security

    Cloud-enabled security for compatible laptops, tablets, smartphones.

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