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IP Trunking IP Trunking

Upgrade with ease

Business VoIP service delivers all the features of your current IP PBX system. So there's no need to retrain employees.


Grow more flexible

Government agencies can gradually replace TDM voice circuits and get the most from their converged wide area network.


Boost efficiency

Verizon Business's IP backbone will route calls to and from the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via your SIP trunk(s).


Get value from Verizon

Our fast, highly reliable network lets you handle calls quickly and consistently.


Get a high-capacity SIP connection that links your IP PBX to our network backbone.

Best for:

Controlling costs and boosting efficiency 

Transitioning with no training or high costs

Placing and receiving a large number of VoIP calls at once

IP Trunking gives you the features you need to keep your employees connected.


IP Trunking can connect to Ethernet LANs and legacy telephone equipment, including PBXs, Key Systems, POTS phones, facsimile machines and modems.

Leading service level agreements

Verizon provides leading SLAs that include mean opinion score (Contiguous U.S.), jitter, packet delivery, and network availability.

Communication on- and off-net

Interoperability with the PSTN means you can make and receive telephone calls between different on-net locations, and between on-net and off-net locations.

Service options

Verizon IP Trunking gives you two different access types, at a wide range of speeds.

Internet Dedicated Access

Choose from dedicated access at the following speeds: T1, T3, shadow (redundant) T1 and shadow (redundant) T3.

Private IP

Connect using Private IP at 384 Kbps, 512 Kbps, 768 Kbps, T1, MLPP/NxT1 and T3.

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Save time. Control costs. Get a better network.

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