4 super lessons from the Super Bowl

Author: Nick Reese

For small businesses, every day is the biggest game of the year. So what can the biggest game in all of sports teach you about how to create a winning customer and employee experience? Here are four ideas inspired by the Super Bowl that you can add to your playbook.

1. Communication is key

All the game planning, preparation, and drawing up of schemes doesn't mean anything if you can't relay the right play to your players in time. When the crowd is roaring and your team is on the goal line—or when your customers are calling and your key employees are working from home—you can benefit from having the ability to communicate clearly and consistently.

Last year, the NFL selected Verizon Business to deliver a Managed Private Wireless Solution across each of its U.S. NFL stadiums. This solution provides full support for coach-to-coach communication so coaches can seamlessly communicate throughout the game. Whether helping your employees collaborate wherever they are, or providing customer service on the channels your customers prefer, by leveraging the right communication technology, you can help your team claim victory each and every business day.

2. Think about your biggest fans

Your customers aren't just the lifeblood of your business. They're also one of your best marketing opportunities. At last year's Super Bowl LVI in 2023, Verizon fans used 47.8TB of data in and around the stadium—the equivalent of one superfan watching the game in HD 24/7 for more than three years in a row. The biggest spikes in wireless data took place during the halftime show and at kickoff as Verizon customers shared photos and videos of their in-game experience with friends, family, and the world.

Your biggest fans are not only excited about your products and business. They're excited to share their experience with the world. Make it easy by providing the encouragement and support your fans need to share. For example, identify whatever is the equivalent of your halftime show and turn it into a shareable experience through packaging, promotions, hashtags, and more. The more you can encourage your fans to share, the more they can help turn others into fans themselves. This could include incentives such as discounts and offers for your "biggest fans" that follow, share and tag people in your content.

3. Stay adaptable

During the long NFL season, coaches know that anything that can happen will happen so they must be ready to pivot and adapt. The two teams competing in the Super Bowl made it not only through talent and hard work, but also by being able to adapt to adversity and new information.

The principle of adaptability is equally crucial for small businesses, who must navigate changing customer demands, new competitors, and the shifting winds of the economy. To stay agile, it can help to create a business culture that prioritizes flexibility and openness to change. This chould include having backup plans in place for critical needs like suppliers and funding. Technology can also help you maintain your adaptability; mobile solutions and cloud computing can help your team access critical business data and applications anytime, anywhere.

4. Business is a team sport

While every team has its stars, no team can win the Super Bowl with one player doing all the work. To help your business succeed, you have to build a strong team culture that allows every member to be an MVP.

To build your team culture, it helps if everyone understands the goals and vision of your business beyond revenue generation. This can help team members align their individual efforts with your overall strategy. You can also recognize and reward star players to motivate others to give their best. Finally, it can help if you encourage open and honest communication among team members. By creating an environment where feedback and ideas are welcome, you'll be able to work as one instead of competing against each other.

Verizon has been a key partner of the NFL since 2010. From helping coaches communicate to powering an unforgettable game day experience, Verizon delivers the data, connectivity, cybersecurity and resilience the NFL depends on to win. Learn how Verizon has helped power the Super Bowl experience.

The author of this content is a paid contributor for Verizon.