Five ways 5G
could boost
staff productivity

Author: Nick Reese

When it comes to business productivity, it's no longer about how quickly you can mass-produce widgets on an assembly line. Instead, it's all about how easily your employees can connect. In a way, business productivity and staff productivity are now one and the same: The ability of employees to access information, collaborate and communicate can have a direct impact on your bottom line.

5G offers the potential for better speed, higher capacity and lower latency—perfect for running a modern business. Here are five ways 5G could help you improve staff productivity by making work more efficient and less frustrating for employees.

1. Smoother video collaboration

These days, gathering in person is the exception, not the rule. Instead, colleagues now meet using video collaboration platforms, such as BlueJeans by Verizon. These platforms make it simple to connect employees across the business, whether they are on different floors, in different buildings on a corporate campus or in completely different cities.

5G can help improve the video experience, allowing participants with a 5G connection to effectively engage in the conversation with fewer frozen faces.

2. Easy-to-follow video training

With more technology being introduced into the workplace than ever before, you need to make sure employees know how to use the new applications to ensure staff productivity. However, it can be nearly impossible to schedule a training session at a time that works for everyone.

On-demand video training allows employees to learn when their schedule permits and rewatch specific training modules as needed. 5G connectivity offers the potential to stream or download massive video files quickly and at scale.

3. More efficient secure file sharing

Business productivity requires nearly continuous collaboration, which means multiple employees must be able to access the same files at the same time. While secure file sharing applications have replaced legacy, on-premises servers for many businesses, staff productivity still depends on the speed at which they can access or download a file.

5G makes it possible to quickly and securely download or upload even very large files, such as videos, images files, 3D renderings or PDFs. This can allow your employees to work more efficiently with fewer bottlenecks.

4. Enhanced customer service

Your employees aren't the only ones who can benefit from 5G. The faster employees can access data spread throughout your systems, the more effectively they can serve your customers.

Whether it’s field staff accessing schematics on a worksite, a support rep conducting a video consultation with a client or a staff member using a mobile POS device to help a customer pay from within a store, the impact of the customer experience and staff productivity on your business productivity can't be understated.

5. Better connected and smarter devices

It's not just employees who create and access data. There is a growing array of internet-connected devices, sensors and machinery found throughout most businesses—all of which can benefit from high speed, low latency and massive capacity to access and share data effectively.

5G offers the potential to meet the needs of the modern workplace and the rising expectations of customers. 5G-based internet services can provide reliable and fast connectivity, giving you what you need to keep your entire workforce productive.

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