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The 5G-powered
remote real estate

Author: Poornima Apte

Traditionally, real estate property showings have been in person. But agents are increasingly looking to engage prospects by using digital technologies, too. A suite of communications and collaboration tools powered by 5G can help the remote real estate agent save time and close deals faster.

Mobile-first approach helps remote real estate agents

Agents need not be tethered to a desk to fill out client applications, nor do they always have to corral potential buyers together for a live showing. Mobile solutions help to solve these basic challenges by delivering immersive and customer-centric experiences to prospective buyers.

Mobile cloud-based phone systems enable the remote real estate agent to use one business phone number. Instead of having separate personal and business devices, and answer calls with that number from virtually anywhere. No more retrieving voicemails on the road or using personal cell phone numbers while working from home. Instead, work comes to where the agent is.

Video collaboration and conferencing solutions could help potential buyers join in on home walkthroughs. Mobile apps could take remote collaboration a step further by working with a phone's dual-camera functionality. Potential buyers and their friends and family could call in to a live video stream and see what the remote real estate agent sees. Callers could also use emojis and texts, making for a more interactive experience. Augmented reality applications could even layer pictures of furniture and other accessories over existing rooms to show prospective buyers what the property might look like when customized according to their specifications.

5G can help drive remote real estate transactions

Under the hood, such immersive experiences often use ultra-high definition (UHD) cameras and efficient video processing at the edge. Elements such as live video synchronization, AR, and dynamic texting work best on high-bandwidth, low-latency networks. 5G enables multiple technologies to be layered on top of each other to create engaging immersive experiences.

Mobility, powered by 5G, enables flexibility for remote real estate agents. They can choose from an à la carte menu of options that helps them stay connected with buyers. 5G can provide the platform for technologies that facilitate collaboration, so remote real estate agents can conduct showings more efficiently. In the process, productivity can be improved.

Watch how 5G can help the remote real estate agent.