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Why the time
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Network as a

Author: Mike Elgan

Recent events, such as the supply chain crisis, the pandemic and the remote-work revolution, have demonstrated beyond all doubt that circumstances in the world at large can suddenly and radically change your organization's IT and networking requirements.

The sudden shift to remote work during the pandemic is the best example, as companies found themselves needing to scale back infrastructure at headquarters as they right-sized real estate and bolstered the deployment of tools and security around remote work for the many employees now working from home.

The rising demand for Network as a Service and its benefits

Relying on an experienced NaaS provider can bring flexibility, agility, scalability, and resilience to your systems and networks—a requirement to keep pace in a fast-changing, unpredictable world.  NaaS is a platform for network hardware, software, and support which uses a subscription-based pricing model.

With the ability to scale your network as business needs require, sudden demands for additional capacity can be met. Conversely, when the demand for capacity decreases, the network capacity can be scaled down.

Nowadays, those market demands may call for the deployment of new wireless technologies, such as 5G. NaaS not only enables the rapid embrace of new technologies, but it also comes with experts who know how to deploy them and have extensive experience doing so.

Embedded security with Network as a Service

Embedded security with Network as a Service cloud based security, which is a component of NaaS, enables you to meet security demands across today’s distributed organizations. The potential benefits of cloud-based security, such as the  Advanced Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) solution, provides more scalability, easier deployment and management, better application performance, and increased business agility. Also, zero-trust security limits users to specific applications and, thus, improves security to critical applications. The challenges of legacy systems—and their security vulnerabilities—can be significantly reduced with Network as a Service - Security.

Network as a Service doesn't replace in-house IT teams, but it does enable your own staff to focus on the IT objectives that create business value, while the NaaS provider keeps the trains running. It makes business more dynamic and enables IT to provide a closer connection to business goals. This partnership between in-house staff and the NaaS provider minimizes operational risk and maximizes business options.

When choosing a NaaS provider, look for one that offers global coverage, the latest technology and that can demonstrate success metrics, such as app performance, network uptime and rapid scalability. In a world of constant and unpredictable change, nothing provides flexibility like NaaS and Network as a Service - Security.

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