Wi-Fi for small business

In a small company, every minute counts, and leveraging mobile technology is an important component of modern business.

Whether they're located in Denver or Dubai, small businesses today need fast, reliable Internet connections that allow people to work virtually anywhere, on any device. An effective Wi-Fi service keeps everyone—from employees to visiting clients and customers—connected and productive.

This sea change in the way we live and work is here to stay. 


A key competitive advantage

In the office, workers need the flexibility to be able to take their laptop to the conference room, down the hall, or to a sister site to collaborate without losing connectivity. To stay productive, they need to stay connected whether they're on the road, working remotely, or traveling.

Likewise, clients expect that when they reach out to your business, someone will be available to answer questions promptly and be responsive to their needs immediately. Visiting customers and clients also want to stay Internet-enabled when they're visiting your business.

It’s fair to say that fast and reliable Wi-Fi for small business is as essential in the business world as that old standby, a cup of coffee.

Special considerations for small businesses

This new work environment presents a unique challenge for small businesses, who must accommodate the new demand for 24/7 mobile Internet in a cost-effective way—while keeping their networks secure from potential threats.

As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is having sensitive client or financial data leaked by a security breach over an unsecured Wi-Fi network. But when employees are traveling, it can be difficult for them to locate a safe and secure Wi-Fi hotspot to take care of business. Even at public locales like hotels and airports, Wi-Fi networks can be inadequate, limiting, and expensive, charging fees for access, overage, and roaming.

Fortunately, if your business plan for success includes the need for fast Internet and Wi-Fi connection, Verizon has a number of solutions to help with choosing the best Wi-Fi for small business. 

The best choice for business broadband

It may sound obvious, but the first place to start in improving Wi-Fi effectiveness is by choosing the right technology to power your office network.

Our state-of-the-art, money-saving business internet packages offer the speed and support you need to take care of business quickly and efficiently. 

Our products, support and reliability make Verizon the best choice for Small Business owners

Verizon's speed and reliability make Fios Internet the best choice for small business owners, with capabilities such as blazing fast speeds of up to 880 Mbps for document downloads, videoconferencing, and sharing high-bandwidth files in a flash.

You can also save time and money with Verizon Solutions Bundles, which offer a dedicated broadband connection with reliable service 24/7—and no data usage caps.

Whichever Verizon plan you choose, you'll get fast, 99.9% network reliability, with the download and upload speeds to help your business stay ahead of the competition. 

Wi-Fi routers and extenders

Because wireless signals can be affected by a number of environmental factors—including radio signals, "dead zones," and router location—Verizon also offers a wide variety of cutting-edge products to further increase Wi-Fi connectivity and range.

For example, you can leverage all of the power of the blazing-fast Fios network when you pair it with a next-generation Wi-Fi router like the Fios Quantum Gateway, which delivers the fastest Wi-Fi available from any provider.1

With an extended Wi-Fi range of 325 feet and wireless speeds up to 500 Mbps, it's up to 10x faster than our older routers. It also includes Guest Wi-Fi—a separate and secure network for your guests.

Another helpful device that can leverage the power of the Fios network is the Fios Network Extender, which creates a wireless access point anywhere there's a coaxial connection to expand the reach of an existing wireless network. 

Taking your network on the road

With America's largest and most reliable 4G LTE network, Verizon delivers exceptional reliability with blazing-fast speeds, whether your employees are in the office, in remote work locations, or traveling.

Plus, Verizon provides turnkey security solutions like Security and Privacy Multi-Device to help protect the data on all your business computers and mobile devices. 

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