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Ambrosia and Neuroscience treatment centers focus on patients and improve operations with Verizon Contact Center Hub.

  • Overview

    Ambrosia Treatment Center and the Neuroscience Research Institute are world-class addiction recovery and mental health treatment and research centers with multiple locations across the United States. With decades of hands-on experience and over 10,000 recovery success stories, Ambrosia and Neuroscience are well respected centers in the recovery industry.

    Communication is critically important to both organizations. The Ambrosia and Neuroscience teams include medical doctors, psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, nurses, specialists and administrative staff who rely on the same contact center to keep the communication lines open for their patients and each other, 24/7.

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  • Timely communication is the most important aspect of our approach. Patients tend to call us when they are in a crisis and being available at the right time is important. We rely on our system 24/7 and needed a partner who could keep our staff connected anytime, from virtually anywhere on practically any device.

    D Alam, Chief Marketing Officer

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  • Challenge

    The centers were previously relying on multi-provider solutions to handle their calling needs. When Covid-19 arrived, the call center teams had to work remotely and connect through a VPN in order to connect with their phone systems. This was complicated and often resulted in dropped calls. Additionally, the solution lacked some advanced features and it was not integrated with their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. Additionally, their existing solutions provided no training and limited support. Hedley Pierre, Systems Administrator, explains, “Our phones are no longer a liability. We are no longer tied down to a building or a network.” 

    The facilities operate around the clock, all year long, and they need to be operational in all types of weather. With locations including South Florida, hurricanes are a constant concern. So an additional requirement was having a robust, reliable solution that will keep communications up and running even in a weather emergency.

    Kelsey Cianciulli, Director of Admissions, experienced issues as well, “With the old system, we had to connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN), in order to connect with the phone system and we would have connection issues and dropped calls. Now we can log in anywhere, anytime and haven’t had any connection issues.


  • Solution

    The centers needed a single-provider solution that would keep communication lines open for remote teams, enable them with advanced features and reporting, deliver the training and support they needed and maintain connectivity during emergency weather situations.

    Ambrosia and Neuroscience turned to Verizon’s Contact Center Hub, a multi-channel contact center solution that allows staff to engage with patients from virtually any device, anytime and virtually anywhere. Contact Center Hub supports all locations. It integrates with their CRM system so that they can run analytics and reports from a single system. And it includes advanced features like interactive voice response (IVR) call routing and call recording, which improves the customer and employee experience.

  • Flexible Solution

    Contact Center Hub delivered the flexibility that the remote teams needed. They no longer have to deal with the complexity and extra step of logging into a VPN. And office workers can forward desk phone calls to their mobile phones, so they are always available for their patients. All of this helps providers improve patient access and get patients the help and treatment they need, sooner.

  • CRM Integration

    Contact Center Hub integrates with Salesforce. The new system can capture call data automatically, which may reduce human error. Now it is easier for the organization to set up campaigns quickly and access real time analytics and reporting from a single system.

    Pierre shares, “Now with reporting, everything is in a single system. If we need a new campaign created, we can do it in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours, with the old system. We are able to build what we need on the fly which we couldn’t do before.”

  • Training and Support

    Ambrosia and Neuroscience struggled with a lack of training and limited support with their old system. With Contact Center Hub they can contact their Verizon Support team if they have a technical issue. The Contact Center Hub support team will address the problem immediately. And training is included with the new solution.

  • New Features

    New features like IVR call routing, call recording, conferencing, monitoring and whispering help improve the customer experience, as well as the employee experience. Additionally, the entire team can access call recordings and port numbers, where it was limited to one individual with the old system.

  • Outcome

    With Verizon Contact Center Hub, the Ambrosia and Neuroscience teams will stay connected via cell service, even if their office landlines go down. Verizon has built a network that stands up to the most extreme circumstances and includes switch operation centers, equipment depot and cell sites built to withstand a wide range of natural disasters. Verizon also has a fleet of mobile equipment and drones that help with recovery efforts.

    Ambrosia and Neuroscience have seen improvements in contact center efficiency and productivity with Contact Center Hub. The new solution means that the teams can work remotely, without being tied to the office which was a huge help during the pandemic. The new advanced features, like IVR routing, help get clients connected to the right person, faster than before. Integration with Salesforce makes for easier access to analytics and reporting. Having a single point of contact for support means issues are dealt with right away, without delays or finger pointing.

    All this combines to support their mission of getting  patients the treatment they need as soon as possible.

  • With Verizon we are able to have all the services we need to do our jobs from a single provider. Everything is done without worry. Just set it once and forget about it. Ease of use is infinitely better than what we had before.

    Hedley Pierre, Systems Administrator

  • How we built the solution

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