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EverWash is disrupting
the car wash industry
with wireless business internet

  • EverWash is a monthly subscription platform that helps car wash operators increase recurring revenue and deliver a better customer experience.

    EverWash supports car wash operators by integrating with their existing equipment and growing their membership subscriptions. Wash club members can quickly activate and receive a wash once per day at an EverWash partner location using a convenient mobile app. Meanwhile, client wash operators are given analytics and business intelligence gathered by EverWash to make well-informed decisions on improving their sales, revenue, and operations.

    Customer locations are monitored and maintained through a wireless internet connection, which helps keep a wash's membership program up and running. Without a reliable and consistent signal, remote operations can be interrupted, memberships cannot be processed, and customer washes cannot be activated. To ensure its partners’ locations are fully functional, EverWash depends on the connectivity of wireless business internet using Verizon’s award-winning 4G LTE network.

    “Connectivity is at the very heart of being successful,” said Chris Sudlow, Vice President of Remote Start at EverWash. “With the Verizon network powering our connection to our customers, we’re able to increase our reach and efficiency and know what’s going on at each of our sites.”

    After launching in 2016, the company has grown thanks to the dependable stability offered by a reliable, nationwide wireless network. EverWash now has almost 1,000 car washes in its service, with more being added regularly.

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  • Inconsistent connectivity options limit EverWash’s ability to deliver for its partners

  • When EverWash launched, the service was beholden to the connectivity that its car wash-owning partners deployed on-site. That meant that EverWash had to devise different, tailor-made connectivity solutions for each and every new car wash they onboarded.

    “It was chaos,” said Scott Caplan, co-founder and CEO at EverWash. “When we started the business, we didn’t have the most sophisticated systems for connecting with our wash partners' equipment and remotely starting car washes. It involved a lot of time-consuming, manual solutions to make sure all locations were operational.”

    “I had a car wash owner who would send us one-time-use codes almost every day that we would have to load into our system just so their customers could get a car wash," Caplan added. "It was unbelievable what we did when we started to get this off the ground.”

    Solving the connectivity conundrum for onboarded car washes quickly became an ongoing issue that drove up EverWash’s operational and labor costs. It also limited EverWash’s ability to scale and set them on a course toward profitability.

    EverWash needed a connectivity solution it could deploy for all of its car wash locations, independent of the technology that was available on-site. That meant finding a wireless, low-usage data internet plan and network that could be trusted to work at nearly every location, however remote.

    “We realized we needed a network that truly has a nationwide presence,” said Sudlow. “We appreciated the value of reliable connectivity available throughout the country."

    After looking at a few different plans and providers, EverWash made the decision to use Verizon’s wireless business internet.

  • EverWash customer paying at kiosk with mobile phone
    • Chris Sudlow, Senior Operations Manager, EverWash

    • Beginning quotation mark  Connectivity is really at the very heart of keeping us up and running.”

      Chris Sudlow, Vice President of Remote Start, EverWash

    • Wireless business internet gives EverWash the ability to quickly onboard new wash partners

    • EverWash chose wireless business internet on Verizon’s 4G LTE network because it offered a flexible, reliable service that EverWash could depend on to keep its membership operations running and consistently deliver value for its partners across the country.

      • Customer experience: By installing and using the EverWash app on their phones, car wash members enjoy a contactless pay experience by scanning a QR code to trigger the wash. “There’s no interaction with the pay station, no fumbling with cash or credit cards,” said Sudlow. “Usually, our members don’t even have to put their car window down.”

      • Troubleshooting: EverWash’s team of remote technicians can monitor the performance of connected equipment to ensure it’s working correctly and, if not, fix the problem remotely, saving time and labor costs.

      • Analytics: With data acquired from interactions with wash equipment, car wash operators can make informed decisions regarding things such as hours of operation, pricing, the services they offer, and labor demands.

      And with wireless business internet on Verizon’s nationwide 4G LTE network, EverWash can deploy its connectivity solutions almost anywhere in the U.S., onboard new partners quickly, and scale its business better than ever.

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  • EverWash car wash entry door
    • EverWash improves its operations, keeps car washes up and running, and scales impressively

    • Reliable connectivity has helped EverWash build and stabilize internal operations within its network, onboard new partners quickly, and continue to scale at an impressive rate.

      “We now have a full-time remote start team. That is all they do,” said Caplan. “They onboard car washes and manage their network to make sure those washes are in constant communication with us.”

      EverWash is approaching 1,000 car washes in its network and scaling quicker than ever before, thanks to the stability offered by reliable internet connectivity.

      “We are already one of the largest networks of car washes in the country, but essentially, we want to be five minutes from every American," said Caplan. "If it wasn’t for the stability of our systems, we couldn’t have scaled as we have without the wireless business internet plans powered by the reliable Verizon network.”

  • EverWash car wash queue
    • Scott Caplan, Co-founder and CEO, EverWash

    • Beginning quotation mark  We’re adding locations at a rapid clip, and if it wasn’t for the stability of our systems, we couldn’t have scaled as we have without the wireless business internet plans provided by the reliable Verizon network.”

      Scott Caplan, Co-founder and CEO, EverWash

    • Wireless business internet solutions, including both LTE Backup Internet and LTE Business Internet services, are available within the U.S. on Verizon's 4G LTE network, providing either primary or backup/continuity connections. Compatible LTE-enabled router required (Verizon-provided or Customer-provided). Various data plans available; terms apply.

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