Verizon helps Pueblo
of Santa Clara prepare
for natural disasters.

Verizon equipment is helping Pueblo of Santa Clara fire and
rescue teams navigate the challenges of rugged, culturally
sensitive terrain and extreme weather.


  • The Pueblo of Santa Clara is located in challenging terrain in northern New Mexico—rugged canyons and mountains block traditional phone and radio signals, causing first responders to lose communications when in remote areas
  • The lands provide a spiritual sanctuary for the Pueblo of Santa Clara tribe, so the tribe wants to avoid adding permanent cellular infrastructure
  • The area is subject to extreme weather events that often trigger natural disasters


  • Verizon provided a Mobile Connectivity Trailer to the Santa Clara first responders and firefighters
  • With the trailer’s antenna and dish, responders can communicate despite the area’s natural obstacles
  • 4G LTE cell service provided by the trailer supports voice and data communications


  • First responders and firefighters can now communicate in remote areas through voice calls, email and live social media posts
  • They can contact the Pueblo of Santa Clara to report conditions and request resources, enabling firefighting in extremely remote regions
  • The trailer is easily transported to any location a vehicle can reach, providing reliable 4G LTE coverage at locations previously without service
  • The solution provides connectivity without disturbing the spiritual sanctuary with intrusive infrastructure

How we built the solution

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