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Groopview Combines
5G and Real Estate

  • Overview

  • Groopview is a technology startup that delivers synchronized video content through a collaborative platform. By leveraging a mobile device's dual-camera functionality, Groopview enables a user to share live video streams and video chat with others. The program integrates social media functionality, which allows everyone on the call to use emojis that are overlaid on the screen. Users can also exchange texts with their entire group over the app, making Groopview a true multi-modal experience. For B2B users, it's also a powerful remote sales tool.

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  • We have this explosive opportunity to take this three-way partnership and transform many verticals through our powerful business productivity and remote sales tool." 

    Phil McRae, Chief Revenue Officer, Groopview

Work Reimagined

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  • Challenge

    Given that Groopview works through live video synchronization and communication with multiple users, connectivity is a must for a superior experience. The performance of 5G Ultra Wideband, which is available in parts of over 80 cities, could be a game-changer. "We need greater capacity on a network that has faster speeds," says Delmond Newton, founder and CEO. "If you're video streaming your content and there is a lot of latency, that is a bad experience for the customer," Newton says.

    Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband can really enhance the Groopview experience. In addition, Newton explains that Groopview was looking for a partner with "a large and solid footprint" that can support future expansions for the startup. Verizon’s 4G LTE network is the largest in America, and 5G Nationwide is available in 2,700+ cities.  

  • Solutions

  • After several rounds of ideation, Groopview worked with Verizon and Samsung to come up with its first B2B implementation: QuickShow, Groopview's product for the real estate industry.

    Agents use a Samsung phone loaded with QuickShow to walk through homes and even record showings, enabling remote sales. Potential buyers can join the agent for the walk-through with a video call. "Agents can show more homes even if all interested parties cannot make it to the showing," says Phil McRae, Chief Revenue Officer. QuickShow enables high-resolution videos for virtual collaboration—a feature that was especially useful during the pandemic, but has helped lay the foundation for the future of real estate.

  • We need greater capacity on a network that has faster speeds." 

    Delmond Newton Founder and CEO

    • Outcome

      Using QuickShow, real estate agents can do more with less: They can show houses to more potential customers and provide better service by more easily accommodating their scheduling needs. Since Groopview allows for virtual visits, it also helps homeowners who might not want too many visitors coming in and out of their house. It saves time and effort for all stakeholders, including empowering agents to potentially close deals faster with near-real-time remote collaboration. For example, they can now send contracts within 30 minutes.

      Groopview appreciates Verizon as a partner through and through—not just as a powerful technology-driven enterprise but as a sales and marketing partner as well.

      After successfully seeing through a series of proof of concepts for the real estate industry, Groopview is exploring other verticals where its collaborative video synchronization platform might be a good fit. These include:


      After successfully seeing through a series of proof of concepts for the real estate industry, Groopview is exploring other verticals where its collaborative video synchronization platform might be a good fit. These include:

      • The service industry: Service technicians can collaborate using video functionality, which allows remote experts to view the same problems as the on-site technician. Such collaboration saves valuable technician resources and money.
      • Entertainment: Venue operators can develop live broadcast features with product drops through Groopview's platform, enabling added revenue opportunities.
      • Gaming: Gamers can use recorded versions of games and invite professionals and amateurs alike to share strategies and play-by-plays.
      • Military: Military service members often undergo a permanent change of station (PCS). They have to find new housing in a short period of time, usually two weeks. Often, they are not able to take time off to do so. QuickShow can enable virtual showings of candidate homes so service members can move with peace of mind.
      "We are excited to work closely with the power of Verizon as we launch our product road map out into the wild," Newton says.
    • How we built the solution

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    LTE Business Internet is available to U.S. biz customers with 10 or more lines on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. No domestic or int’l roaming. Cannot be used for certain applications, including audio/video streaming, web hosting, public/guest Wi-Fi, voice & text. Router purchase req’d. Terms apply.

    * Based on 9.15.2019 U.S. Census population data.