• An integrated solution
      to streamline and
      simplify IT processes

      Verizon Mobile Device Management delivers
      powerful capabilities. Are you ready?

Today, businesses are integrating more mobile devices and applications into their everyday workspaces to give employees flexibility to work any time, virtually anywhere.

An increase in mobility can bring more business opportunities, but it can also create more challenges for your IT team. They instantly become responsible for maintaining uptime, updates and capabilities, as well as managing security. 

To help bring continuity to your business and streamline IT operations, Verizon Mobile Device Management (MDM) enables enterprise firmware over-the-air (FOTA) management, device diagnostics and broadband hotspot management services. With Verizon MDM, you’re ready.

Using FOTA management, IT can postpone and assess application and firmware updates prior to deployment, to help improve cybersecurity and uptime. With robust device diagnostics tools, IT can download and monitor data from mobile devices. And broadband hotspot management enables over-the-air management of Jetpack® mobile hotspot and USB devices to secure corporate data. These capabilities are housed within a single pane of glass in the solution’s centralized interface. 

As your mobile workspace and IT needs continue to grow and change, Verizon MDM evolves, too, bringing new services and features to your interface to provide a reliable and innovative experience.

Beyond ordinary MDM

Our solution provides unique capabilities only available through the Verizon network:

  • Single user interface. Experience a single, unified portal, where you can manage all devices and access device diagnostics, 24/7
  • Enterprise FOTA. Keep track of which devices are up to date; postpone and schedule firmware updates to your devices1
  • Device diagnostics. Access online, near real-time technical device data that can help improve device troubleshooting and avoid costly downtime2
  • Broadband hotspot management. Manage security profiles and settings on selected Jetpack and USB devices

More business benefits

Verizon MDM offers the following benefits:

  • Enable mobile device freedom, maintain productivity and increase employee satisfaction
  • Help reduce the cost of supporting mobile assets
  • Enhance overall application and performance management
  • Help secure corporate devices and prevent unauthorized access
  • Address changing business needs with a solution that’s continually updating support of new services, devices and features

With device diagnostics, enterprise FOTA management and broadband hotspot management, you will also experience additional benefits, like the ability to:

  • Manage device diagnostics and software upgrades from a single portal without additional investments in hardware
  • Improve the reliability and security of customer devices and application risk-management capabilities
  • Increase end-user satisfaction and decrease customer technical-support requirements
  • Minimize risk to application and device performance, and boost uptime by assessing provider updates and enterprise apps prior to deployment 

Broadband hotspot management adds additional capabilities, to include:

  • Centrally manage select Jetpack and USB devices via the Verizon MDM portal
  • Set dynamic limits on data usage
  • Policies for each Jetpack device are managed and stored in the cloud
  • Prevent users from changing settings, configure security settings remotely and restrict device connections
  • Group devices and apply policies based on departments, locations or roles
  • Supports a variety of enterprise-grade Jetpack devices and USB devices

Why Verizon

When you choose Verizon MDM, you get an experience that adds flexibility, simplicity and power to your business automation. We are innovators committed to giving you an intuitive MDM experience with unique features only available through the Verizon network.

1 FOTA supports Android® devices, including Jetpack mobile hotspot devices and USB devices, with the exception of Google® Experience devices.

Device diagnostics support Verizon Android devices operating on OS 4.0 or higher.