Satellite solutions aid first responder communication during an emergency

Consistent communication during an emergency is a top concern among first responders.

Verizon Frontline delivers mission-critical satellite connectivity.

Communication planning is a key component of any disaster plan, which is why Verizon’s network is built to withstand the most extreme situations:

Public safety agencies rely on Verizon Frontline’s satellite connection solutions when disaster strikes and traditional communication lines are down. To assist with rapid recovery in the event of a hurricane, fire or other disaster the Verizon Frontline Crisis Response Team maintains:

  • A fleet of nearly 600 portable assets, including:
  • Fully functional generator-powered mobile cell sites
    • Multiple with satellite-based Wi-Fi systems for First Responders and community critical support
    • Rapid Response Connectivity Units provide portable satellite connectivity and allow for secure, voice, data and WiFi capabilities
  • An industry-leading 200 satellite-based assets with standalone power and backhaul connections, including:
    • Satellite Pico-cell on Trailer (SPOT) mobile connectivity trailer solution
    • Satellite Cell on Light Truck (SAT-COLT) with onboard masts and satellite equipment
    • Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response (THOR) mobile cell site on a tactical vehicle
  • More than 800 portable generators and a robust, prearranged refueling program to keep contingency plans on target

First responders demand a resilient network

According to a Verizon Frontline survey of nearly 2,000 public safety professionals, connected devices are an essential part of daily communications for first responders:3


say smartphones are used most for daily communication in the field.


expect to use a tablet every day within five years.


expect daily use of robots or drones within five years.

Network reliability and speed are top communication priorities for first responders:


say a reliable and resilient network is one of the most crucial considerations during an emergency.


want stronger communication connections in the field.


are most concerned with having an unreliable network.


About one in four people in the U.S. live in an area where cellular phone towers are at risk of an outage caused by wildfires.4

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  • The author of this content is a paid contributor for Verizon.

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