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Tap into a portfolio of customized solutions designed to scale with your business and support your guests’ growing digital demands—all on the network America relies on.

Connectivity that keeps up with your business.

Leverage reliable network connectivity to deploy new services that delight guests, help streamline operations and enhance employee productivity.

A menu of options.
Curated for your QSR.

Learn about our internet plans, devices and hardware options, so you can make informed decisions when choosing from the available packages in our ordering portal.


Choose from different types and download speeds that support your business needs. Learn about Verizon Business Internet.

Available options


Manage how employees and customers connect to your business with our easy-to-use smart devices.

Available options

  • Manages communications for connected devices via a wireless internet connection.
  • Connects your network to the internet while protecting against malicious content and unauthorized users.
  • Connects devices that are situated in the same location.

and services

Supplement your network reach with our intuitive hardware, offering a range of security and analytics features.

Available options

  • Connects to a wired router or switch via an Ethernet cable, and projects a Wi-Fi signal to a designated area.
  • Integrates with the network to provide security, customer traffic analytics and more.
  • Verizon network management that ensures the delivery of reliable internet performance and connectivity.

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The QSR Solutions ordering portal is integrated with Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC).

If you are an existing Verizon Enterprise Center user, simply log in using existing credentials, go to Add Services, then select the Add Solution Packages tile.

If you are not a current Verizon Enterprise Center user, contact your account rep for a registration link.

Be prepared with basic information about the location you are purchasing for, such as address, desired install date and onsite contact. Have an idea of what you want to purchase and for what purpose—the resources on this portal can help guide you.

The product information and glossary sections of this portal provide products and services and the types of packages that could be available. Or you can contact your rep for more information.

Packages were negotiated and curated based on organization needs, but every location is different. Contact your rep to be sure you get what your store needs to meet your technology objectives.

Individual locations will be billed directly by Verizon for packages purchased through the QSR ordering portal.

Please work with your Verizon representative to coordinate the replacement of your existing service to ensure business continuity.

Installation time is subject to factors such as the type of package ordered, the installation location and the availability of the site contact. Please contact your Verizon representative for more details.

The actual sign-up process should take less than 10 minutes if you are prepared. The time-consuming part is thinking about what you want and having some basic contact info about your store at the ready.

Bulk ordering will be available in future iterations of the portal.

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