Build a wiser WAN

Managed SD WAN with application aware routing.

Solution brief

  • Introduction

  • Demand for cloud and mobile technologies is higher than ever. To keep up, you have to offer better application performance, because reaching more people in more places is just the beginning. Doing it quickly and reliably is another story.

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  • The challenge

  • Some organizations have turned to the public internet to help make it happen. But can you rely on public IP services without sacrificing performance? With a software-defined wide area network (SD WAN), the answer is yes.


  • The solution

  • Our Managed SD WAN with Application Aware Routing platform measures and monitors performance of multiple services in your hybrid network. It uses application routing to offer more granular control of where and when an application uses a specific service. This allows your enterprise to make better use of your overall network because capacity that may have been dormant in fail-over networks is included in an active/active configuration.

Managed SD WAN: Wiser WAN Solution | Verizon Solutions

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  • Our Managed SD WAN platform also allows you to offload Internet-bound traffic, which means private WAN services remain available for real-time and mission-critical apps. This added flexibility helps improve traffic flow and reduces pressure on your network.

    Finally, with traditional private WAN services, security is normally embedded and centralized. Instead, Managed SD WAN overlays a single security policy, often in the form of virtual private network (VPN) tunnels across the entire infrastructure. This single policy allows you to standardize your security across your network.

  • Powerful features require skilled oversight. We have more than 20 years of experience managing and protecting customer networks.

  • Our Managed SD WAN platform offers a number of distinct advantages over traditional WAN, helping to deliver faster, more reliable application performance.

  • Reduce risks associated with SD WAN.

    SD WAN brings powerful new features, but along with the many benefits comes additional complexity in security, quality of service (QoS), protocols, service types, devices, controllers and operating systems. And while you may want to adopt hybrid platforms, you may not have staff with the expertise to manage the risks that come with that added complexity. Verizon Managed Services can support your SD WAN and help your enterprise move forward confidently wih your implementation.

  • Challenges of SD WAN   Benefits of our Managed SD WAN solution

    Moving from a traditional, IP destination address, per-packet-based approach to an end-to-end, pplication-aware approach


    Standardized SD WAN operational practice helps simplify consumption and speed transition while providing positive return on investment

    Security implications of public IP services and internet breakout options


    Multiple security options, including cloud-based firewalls, provide flexibility to balance compliance and risk with performance

    Multiple access-service types, multiple service providers


    We can bond multiple services into a single service with a unified view into performance reporting, change management and troubleshooting

    Moving from multiple in-house-managed and carrier-managed WANs to an overlay WAN


    Global WAN SLA includes many third-party service providers

    Updating application routing rules as new users, applications and changing business patterns impact WAN performance


    Tested change-management processes help you avoid unnecessary downtime from configuration errors

    Obtaining accurate application inventory and applying reporting metrics to improve routing and utilization


    Our reporting platforms and processes observe, analyze and recommend changes based on application behavior

    Integrating new reporting and changing management platforms for application visibility


    You can easily turn on and scale as-a-service platforms to support your growing implementation with project management oversight for delivery

    Cost of hiring, training, building and maintaining application-centric routing and management systems, people and monitoring platforms


    We provide geo-diversified network operations centers, trained personnel and scaled, carrier-integrated management platforms with options for both shared and dedicated engineering resources

  • Migrate to SD WAN with confidence.

    Many networking teams face challenges migrating to SD WAN. They may not have the tools, expertise or infrastructure to build and manage the solution. Our Professional Network Consulting Services can help you bring complex projects—like hybrid networking—to life.

    These services include Network Strategy Workshops, Network Discovery and Assessment, Network Design and Implementation, and a variety of technology-specific design, transformation and adoption strategy solutions, including:

    • Application assessments to determine flow, performance thresholds and routing rules
    • Feasibility assessments and recommendations to improve network performance and control costs
    • Unbiased analyses of all options, including a hybrid network,adding additional bandwidth to the private network orother alternatives
  • Improve business results with SD WAN.

    SD WAN can improve the efficiency of your network. It can also help your IT staff deliver services faster, improve service levels and focus more attention on business partners. But only if you manage it the right way.

    Our Managed SD WAN with Application Aware Routing solution gives you the tools, monitoring, oversight and lifecycle support you need to maintain application visibility and control—and support increased network use. By using our tested practices, processes, portals and platforms, as well as our people, you can absorb the new technology into your organization without making drastic changes.

    Our life-cycle management helps you develop a migration plan that suits your readiness now and in the future.

    This includes:

    • Fault/configuration/change management of the underlying hybrid platform and transport services
    • Instrumentation of path quality and management of associated thresholds and alarms
    • Reporting on path quality, application prioritization, utilization, trending and changes in application path selection
    • Proactive traffic management–refreshing application rules and path selection
    • Troubleshooting performance degradation
  • Get more from our portals, platforms and tested practices and processes to implement SD WAN with confidence.

  • Connect new sites to SD WAN quickly.

    Once an SD WAN hub site is active, you can connect new sites to your software defined network in as little as eight* days using SD WAN with Express Connect. Once connected, you can use Express Connect’s wireless access as backup to keep your new sites running no matter what the world throws at them.

  • We can help you connect users to applications simply, securely and reliably.

  • Summary

  • Move beyond SD WAN.

    SD WAN can improve throughput and application performance. For enterprise IT, this is just the first step toward aligning IT with the business. New technologies can help you improve visibility and speed to support growing cloud workloads and unpredictable user demands inside and outside the corporate network. We can help you on your journey. Our managed-network platforms are now capable of providing you with a single view into application performance and end-user impact. This allows you to break down IT silos that block fast service delivery.

    Our analytics platforms give you even more visibility, helping you make sense of the increasingly complex flow of apps and user transactions. Our investments in next-generation networking and related virtualization products are paving the way to connect users securely and reliably. And we’re constantly reshaping and reconfiguring to meet your changing business needs.

    Our Managed Network Services portfolio frees you from the complexities of day-to-day management of your network and applications so you can focus on moving your business forward.

*Eight business days turn-around time upon a completed order verification call.alcomm 5G technology is licensed by Qualcomm Incorporated. Qualcomm 5G products are products of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. and/or its subsidiaries.

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