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Secure Cloud Interconnect

Solution brief

  • Introduction

  • The cloud delivers many benefits, but there are challenges too. How do you connect to multiple clouds simply, securely and reliably? With Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect.

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  • The challenge

  • Connecting your cloud ecosystem

    You’re moving more workloads to the cloud. It provides you with the scalability you need, without the high costs of in-house data centers and related expertise. But you don’t just have one cloud. You have one for application development, one for your CRM, and another for your ERP — and they’re all hosted by different providers.

    How do you connect to those clouds? If you’re using the public internet, you could be increasing the risks of sensitive data being compromised — and you’ll have little control over performance. Private connections can be expensive and complex to manage, with little flexibility. With either approach, you can end up with little visibility of your network traffic and performance.

  • The solution

  • Verizon’s Secure Cloud Interconnect enables you to connect securely to your growing cloud ecosystem over connections that are completely separated from the public internet. You can connect to leading cloud service providers including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft® Azure™ ExpressRoute® and more.

  • Secure, scalable connectivity

    With Secure Cloud Interconnect, you don’t have the headache of managing multiple point-to-point connections. Better yet, you have visibility and control over each of your workloads traveling to the CSPs.

    You don’t want to wait weeks to get new cloud services up and running. When added to an existing Verizon Private IP service, Secure Cloud Interconnect provides pre-provisioned access to cloud resources. This means you can deploy new services in days not weeks.

    You want to be able to add scale fast, but pay for what you need. Secure Cloud Interconnect doesn’t make you pay for fixed bandwidth built out for peak usage. It manages spikes in application use without the need for manual intervention or monitoring. You get truly scalable bandwidth, designed for the cloud. And our consumption-based pricing plans mean you pay for the bandwidth you need without large investments upfront.

    You can also choose redundancy options for your CSP connections to help your applications stay running. And we offer a suite of complementary solutions so you can further strengthen security and performance.

Secure Cloud Interconnect Solution Brief | Verizon Solutions

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  • 64%

    of US-based IT decision-makers believe a cloud strategy is essential to remaining competitive1.

Key benefits

  • Secure your data

    Secure Cloud Interconnect provides private connections that are completely separate from the public internet to help keep your data secure.

  • Add new clouds quickly

    With pre-provisioned access, typical deployment times can be reduced by up to 90%.

  • Scale to meet demand

    Dynamic networking scales automatically to meet peaks in demand without the need for manual intervention or monitoring.

  • Pay for what you need

    Consumption-based pricing means you aren’t always paying based on peak usage — you pay for the bandwidth you need.

  • Take control

    You can establish and deactivate connections quickly, access utilization reports and set threshold alerts to help you manage your budget.

  • Cloud via public internet

    • Relies on the public internet
    • Limited performance control
    • No end-to-end visibility

  • Cloud via point-to-point

    • High cost
    • Limited diversity options
    • Complex to manage

  • Cloud ecosystem via Secure Cloud Interconnect

    • On demand, secure and reliable
    • End-to-end control and visibility
    • Private connection

  • Features

  • Dynamic Network Manager.

    Manage your cloud connections. View order history and cloud connection details, activate and deactivate connections, add and remove VPNs, view utilization and billing reports, and set monthly usage threshold alerts.

    Consumption-based pricing plans.

    Choose from three global pricing plans: pay a flat rate per GB used; sign-up for a committed rate with a monthly recurring charge; or pay for services on a pooled basis.

    Secure private connections.

    Keep your data secure and add new cloud service providers fast. In the event of any problems, redundant connections can divert traffic to maintain business continuity.

    Mobile connectivity.

    Integrates with Verizon Wireless Private Network in the US to provide secure, mobile 4G LTE connectivity to the cloud.

  • Complementary solutions

  • Virtual Network Services — Security.

    Secure cloud traffic from the potential threats that originate from a shared cloud environment without expensive, dedicated hardware. Includes basic firewall, intrusion detection and prevention and data leakage protection. * You can also add our Managed Security Services (MSS) analytics.

    Virtual Network Services — WAN Optimization.

    Drive improved application performance of workloads exchanged between your CSP and WAN environment.

    Intelligent Cloud Control.

    Automate public cloud resource management to control costs, maintain application performance and help improve efficiencies.


    Build an integrated environment where applications can reside in different locations but work together.

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  • Private IP

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  • Managed SD WAN

    Spin up virtual WAN services and make network adjustments on the fly.


Frost & Sullivan, “Strategic Goals Drive Cloud Decisions”, Lynda Stadtmueller, April 21, 2017

* Available only to Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Secure Cloud Interconnect customers

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