Operation Convergent
Response™ 2019

OCR Journey—Tunnel Emergency

Solution brief

  • Watch cutting-edge technology improve outcomes in a subterranean environment.

  • In this scenario, a trailer containing unknown chemicals collides with oncoming traffic in an underground tunnel. The ensuing multi-car accident causes a chemical spill, backing up traffic in the tunnel. The journey begins at the Tunnel Emergency vignette at the Solutions Showcase with an introduction and overview of the event and the supporting technology solutions. Attendees are then transported to the CityScape to witness the live-action crisis scenario, where first responders enact the crisis with innovative technology. It will take up to 40 minutes and will portray:

    • Intelligent video and sensors that alert operators and responders
    • First responders and HAZMAT teams conducting rescue operations
    • Multiple technologies used to remove wrecked vehicles and open up the tunnel

    On the way back to the Solutions Showcase and into the vignette, the crisis is reviewed, assessed, and deconstructed by technology experts. Attendees may also take part in interactive, hands-on experiential activities and a Q&A session. 

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  • Tunnel Emergency Scenario: 

  • Technology exhibitors and the solutions demonstrated:

  • Exhibitors   Technology

    Aegex Technologies


    Sensors and intrinsically safe tablets

    BlueForce Development


    Common Operating Picture and sensor management

    Fast Rescue Solutions


    Rescue sled for first responders



    Indoor drone deployment



    Ruggedized devices



    Personal Protection Gear for first responders



    Network optimization



    Repurpose tunnel construction data and capabilities to support response effort



    Tablets, handheld devices and Toughbooks

    Plum Laboratories


    Remote network used to relay LTE into tunnel

    Sarcos Robotics


    Snake robot for SAR

    Silvus Technology


    Mesh radio system

    Squishy Robotics


    Deployable sensor arrays

    Verizon Connect


    Fleet Management

    Verizon Digital Signage


    Directs survivor traffic in tunnel

    Verizon MERIT


    Verizon’s HAZMAT qualified network technicians

    Verizon Push-to-Talk+


    Two-way, radio-like mobile communications



    Node and lighting deployment

Operation Convergent Response: A Technology Solution | Verizon Solutions

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