The right mobile technologies can simplify your EVV strategy.

Secure, mobile-first solutions keep you ready.

Solution brief

  • Introduction

  • Big changes are coming to home healthcare.

    The 21st Century Cures Act mandates the implementation of electronic visit verification (EVV) for all Medicaid personal care services by January 2020, and all home health services by January 2023.

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  • The challenge

  • As part of the mandate, providers must electronically verify six aspects of each home-care visit:

    • Date of service
    • Location of service
    • Individual providing service
    • Individual receiving service
    • Type of service provided
    • Time service begins and ends

    States that do not comply with EVV are subject to incremental Federal Medical Assistance Percentages FMAP) reductions.

    In addition to the EVV mandate, 10,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day.1  The majority of those baby boomers are hoping to age in their own homes. Between EVV and the rapid graying of the U.S. population, the demand for cost-effective home healthcare is skyrocketing. And so is the need for mobile technology to efficiently empower that care.

  • What is EVV?

    The EVV mandate is for services that require an in-home visit and support activities of daily living (ADL), like bathing and dressing, and instrumental activities for daily living (IADL), such as meal preparation, taking medication or shopping.

    The goal of EVV is to help cut down on fraud and ensure that people receive the documented care that they need. It will also empower the industry to become more efficient and transparent by integrating payers and providers.

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  • The solution

  • Secure, mobile-first solutions help with EVV.

    The mandate allows for multiple EVV options for collecting information, including mobile technology, which can help to cost-effectively simplify compliance and reduce logistical and technical demands on clients and caregivers.

    That’s why Verizon has partnered with companies to deliver a variety of secure, mobile-first solutions that help with your EVV strategy. These solutions include hardware, software and connectivity, and range from complete turnkey solutions to a la carte options. That means you don’t have to put together a solution piecemeal.

    Our selection of solutions includes features that can help you track and monitor caregivers in the home and in transit; cost-effectively simplify scheduling and billing; consolidate labor-intensive tasks into  seamless, secure and transparent processes; and more. And when you run these solutions on the nation’s largest and most reliable 4G LTE network—and soon the nation’s first 5G Ultra Wideband network—you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing you’ll have the connectivity you need. Plus, from smartphones to tablets and more, we have a large selection of mobile devices that can help make it as simple to work in the field as it is to work at a desk.

    With Verizon’s products and our partner’s mobile solutions, we can help you with your EVV strategy.

  • Features and benefits

    Our portfolio includes solutions like Verizon Field Force Manager as well as industry expert partnerships like CSG, Tellus, CellTrak and many others. By choosing Verizon, your home healthcare organization gets technologies like near-real time tracking and monitoring, streamlined point-of-care documentation, and simple and reliable communication and collaboration that can help with EVV.

    Mobile healthcare technology has been shown to deliver measurable benefits, including improved patient outcomes and more engaged and satisfied patients.2 It also regularly demonstrates a solid return on investment, by empowering more efficient and better informed care delivery and lower hospital readmissions.2

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