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  • Cisco Webex Meetings and Webex Teams has changed the way businesses communicate and collaborate across the globe. Webex now provides a full range of collaboration services, from webinars to video chat and real-time productivity tools, it turns standard meetings into in-depth, face-to-face working sessions. 

    Whether you’re a longtime user or just starting out, we’ve pulled together the resources you and your teams need to the most of your online collaboration tools and put them here.

Getting Started

Get the facts and get going with Webex.

  • User Guide for Cisco Webex Meetings for iPad and iPhone

    Learn how to install, setup and use Webex from iOS devices.

    Meet on Apple devices
  • User Guide for Cisco Webex Meetings for Android Devices

    Learn how to install, setup and use Webex from Android devices.

    Meet on Android devices
  • Best Practices for Communicating with Participants in Cisco Webex Meetings

    Are attendees engaged? Create polls, share content and ask for feedback.

    See how we do it
  • Getting Started with Cisco Webex Meetings on Your Mobile Device

    Join any web conference from your tablet or smartphone.

    Learn how
  • Webex Meetings Setup and Go

    Ready to start? We put together this guide to get you up and running faster.

    Read the guide

Webex Teams Support

  • Add Someone to a Call or Meeting in Cisco Webex Teams

    You can add people to your call or meeting that's already started. 

    Learn how
  • Filter Your Spaces and Content

    You can use the filters in Cisco Webex Teams to find the messages and spaces that matter most to you.

    Learn how
  • Find People, Spaces, Messages, and Files

    You can search through the history of your conversations in Cisco Webex Teams to find people, spaces, messages, and files.

    Read more
  • Format Messages in Cisco Webex Teams

    You can make your messages easier to read by adding rich text formatting such as headers, bold, and other styles. 

    Learn how
  • Getting Started with Cisco Webex Teams App

    Webex Teams brings together all your people and communication tools in one secure and easy-to-use app. 

    Read more
  • Guest Access to Meetings in Cisco Webex Teams

    Guest access to meetings in Cisco Webex teams.

    Read the guidelines
  • Join a Meeting in Cisco Webex Teams Using Your Phone

    You can join from the calendar invite, from the Webex Teams app, or from a standards-based video device.

    Learn how
  • Join a Scheduled Meeting in Cisco Webex Teams

    When you join a meeting, you can call into the meeting or have the meeting call you on any phone, such as your mobile phone, work phone, or home phone.

    Learn how
  • Let People Know That You're Busy

    Let people know that you're busy Webex Teams.

    Learn how
  • Meetings with Video Addresses in Your Cisco Webex Teams Meeting List

    If you’re invited to a meeting that provides information for joining from a standards-based video device.

    Read more
  • Schedule a Cisco Webex Team Meeting from a Space

    Schedule a meeting with everyone in your space at a certain date and time, whether it's a space with one person or several people. 

    Learn how
  • Share Files with Others in Cisco Webex Teams

    Add information and personality to your spaces by sharing files, attachments, photos, and videos in the Webex Teams.

    Learn how
  • Webex Teams and Spaces

    Using Teams and Spaces in Webex Teams.

    Learn how
  • Webex Teams App UI

    Take a look around to get used to the app's interface. 

    Read more
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Cisco Webex Teams

    When working in Webex Teams, you can use keyboard shortcuts to save time and reduce the number of mouse clicks.

    Read more
  • People, Spaces, and Teams

    All your work takes place within spaces where you can send messages, make calls, have video meetings, share files, and whiteboard. 

    Read more
  • System Requirements

    We've listed the system requirements for running Cisco Webex Teams app on the following supported platforms.

    Read more
  • Tips for Managing Notifications in Cisco Webex Teams

    Tips for managing notifications in Cisco Webex Teams.

    Read more
  • Your Status on Cisco Webex Teams

    You can see other people's status in the Webex Teams app. 

    Read more

Configuring Webex

Set up Webex exactly how you need it.

  • Enable Webex Productivity Tools in Microsoft Outlook for Windows

    Ready to start? We put together this guide to get you up and running faster.

    Get the steps
  • Uninstall Webex Productivity Tools

    Remove all or some Productivity Tools and shortcuts from your computer.

    Learn how
  • Enable Video Call-Back for Webex Meetings

    Let users connect to audio by having Webex call them instead of the other way around.

    See how
  • Install and Set Up Webex Productivity Tools for Windows

    Get the tools you need to start, schedule and join meetings from Microsoft® Outlook® or IBM Lotus Notes.

    Here's how
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook in the Webex Meetings Desktop App

    Learn how to configure the Cisco Webex Meetings integration to Microsoft Outlook.

    Learn how
  • Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App

    Install and set up the Cisco Webex Meetings desktop app to easily start and join your meetings all within the app.

    Learn how

Hosting a meeting

Find out how to be an expert presenter.

  • Host a Meeting - Quick Reference Tasks

    Get a reference guide for all the features you can use while hosting a meeting.

    See how
  • Start a Meeting in Microsoft Outlook Using the Webex Meetings Desktop App

    Learn how to start a meeting directly from Microsoft® Outlook for Windows.

    Meet on Windows

Meeting features

Unlock more features and functionality.

  • Use Cisco Webex Audio in Cisco Webex Meetings

     Learn all the ways you can connect to audio, plus additional features to enhance your experience.

    Get the how-to
  • Connect to Audio and Video in Cisco Webex Meetings

    Connect to audio and video with one simple step.

    Here's how
  • Share Content in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events

    Keep everyone informed and engaged by sharing nearly any type of content during a meeting.

    See how to share
  • Record a Cisco Webex Meeting

    Find out how to record a meeting for later viewing.

    Read the guide
  • Share Content in Cisco Webex Meetings Best Practices

    The following best practice tips can help you to share content more effectively.

    Read more
  • Full-Screen Video Layouts in Cisco Webex Meetings and Cisco Webex Events

    See the various video layout options available.

    Learn how

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