Verizon and Palo Alto Networks: Transformation within demands security throughout.

Our combined strengths offer an integrated security platform built on automation, and powered by artificial intelligence to help enable consistent security everywhere.

All good things come together

Put trust in your network security: Our best-in-class protection lets you take advantage of the largest hyper-scale public clouds in the world. With Verizon and Palo Alto Networks, you can focus on transforming your business without compromising on security.

Private 5G-enabled capabilities like IoT and automation can drive dramatic business transformation, but they can also bring unexpected threats to operations. Mitigating that risk starts with a private network that is built with security in mind ‑ and by extending your visibility into the new device landscape. Read the white paper

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Security through visibility:

Our partnership can increase your capacity to prevent and respond to threats and vulnerabilities across your network environment. Our unified platform provides continuous monitoring, prevention, detection and remediation, leading to a robust security program.


Confidence through control:

We help you manage your investment so you can be confident that capital expenditures are under control. We analyze your security posture to reduce complexity, consolidate security assets and accelerate transformation.

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Freedom through support:

With the right professional and managed services backing up your organization, you can focus on what truly matters. From architecture best practices to security policy regulation and compliance, we can help you realize a secure path forward with existing resources.

Verizon’s network
services platform

Our network-as-a-service (NaaS) framework for reliable and secure network connectivity helps you enable today's network capabilities with the flexibility and technology required for tomorrow.

Next-gen solutions to overcome any challenge

Get visibility and reduce risks across your entire organization, including on-premises and cloud environments.

  • Cloud-based solutions

    Secure users, apps and remote locations through a cloud-delivered architecture with a comprehensive suite of services that detects and responds to security incidents. Our cloud-delivered security services are natively integrated to provide consistent and best-in-class security across your network, remote workers and the cloud.

    • Prisma® Cloud: Secure cloud native applications across the full life cycle in any cloud
    • Prisma Access: Connect and secure all users and all devices accessing any apps
    • Prisma SASE: Converging network security, software-defined wide area network (SD WAN) and Autonomous Digital Experience Management into a single cloud-delivered service
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  • Security operations

    Empower SecOps with automation-driven detection, investigation and response. Cortex® offers an integrated suite of artificial intelligence (AI)-driven, intelligent products for the security operations center, including threat detection and prevention, attack surface management, and security automation capabilities.

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  • Network security management

    Panorama™ offers easy-to-implement, centralized management features that provide insight into network-wide traffic and simplify configurations.

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Secure at scale

Take advantage of comprehensive, integrated solutions that meet your unique use cases and specific applications.

Control costs

Eliminate disparate vendor point products while helping boost a longer lifetime ROI.

Improve your security posture

Ensure a consistent user experience and easily comply with security policies while helping to drive prevention, detection and response across your network.


Support across implementation

Our services can help monitor, manage and respond to security threats and incidents to help you fully realize a return on your security investments.

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Leverage Verizon and Palo Alto Networks’ comprehensive tools, and keep moving forward. Managed security and professional services, combined with key solutions, can give you a way to stay ahead of sophisticated threats.

Secure remote access for mobile workers and branch offices

Verizon and Palo Alto Networks have partnered to offer a comprehensive, fully guided, managed solution that provides secure access to data for any employee or branch office, anywhere, through Verizon’s managed security services and Palo Alto Networks’ secure access service edge (SASE) technology.

Learn how to use simple tools and reporting practices to help reduce expensive operations.

Enabling a secure, connected world, together

Verizon and Palo Alto Networks can deliver an integrated, end-to-end solution that minimizes business risk and protects customers’ networks, applications, cloud services and connected devices. All of this is delivered by Verizon’s world-class managed security services and powered by industry-leading security technology from Palo Alto Networks.

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