5G Edge with Private MEC

Private mobile edge computing (MEC) is a dedicated platform installed on premises to enable support for your most critical and latency-sensitive applications.

Get to know how private MEC works.

Deploy an end-to-end solution with a fully managed, on-premises cloud computing platform. Tightly integrated with Verizon Private Wireless Network, it delivers extreme low latency to areas within large campuses, warehouses, factories and more—with greater security.

Boost data security, control and more.

Our 5G Edge with private MEC provides the technology you need to support your most critical and latency-
sensitive applications.


Securely connect devices and data with Private 5G and Private LTE Networks without sacrificing performance.

defined WAN

Connect to the cloud using Verizon SD-WAN and Secure Cloud Interconnect service integration.


Optimize networks, devices, maintenance and integration costs with Verizon Managed Services.

5G Edge

Effectively build, deploy and monitor the performance of networks, devices, infrastructure and applications.

Discover which MEC is right for your business.

Public MEC is a service that’s available to any Verizon customer. With Private MEC, specific MEC services are located on the business customer’s premises.

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Public MEC

Supports mobile inputs.

Best for applications that support mobile users and devices, such as autonomous vehicles on the public 5G network.


Substantially reduces app latency, compared to traditional cloud-computing architecture.

Decreases data transport costs.

Brings compute resources closer to your bandwidth-intensive application endpoints to help reduce backhaul costs.

Allows for multi-tenant resource sharing.

Supports applications that do not require constant, dedicated compute resources—which can help reduce compute costs.

Private MEC

Serves fixed locations.

Supports applications that are contained to a single endpoint with a private 5G network inside, such as a manufacturing facility.

Delivers near real-time performance.

Located on premises, it accommodates applications that require extreme low-latency for better performance.

Provides data

Reinforces onsite dedicated servers to provide better control over data and enhanced security.

Serves as a dedicated resource.

Accommodates compute-intensive requirements that call for dedicated always-on reserved requirements.

Creating the future.

Verizon 5G Edge with private MEC is a fully managed solution that brings industry-leading cloud providers to the Verizon Private 5G Network. Together, they support the building of innovative applications and workloads that require low-latency access to on-premises systems, local data processing and data residency.

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Man working in factory

Increasing efficiencies in manufacturing.

Read how 5G can support the sensors used in manufacturing facilities to detect when something is broken or needs to be replaced.

man looking at his reflection outside a store

Enhancing engagement at physical retail locations.

Find out how 5G could support blending digital and physical aspects of shopping into powerful new retail experiences.

woman looking at tablet in warehouse

Unlocking new efficiencies on the worksite.

Learn how 5G technology could help mitigate accidents at work by letting you know exactly what’s happening—almost instantly.

Put Private MEC solutions to work.

5G Edge Quality Assurance for Production

Increase throughput and help improve overall production efficiency by catching errors in near real time.

5G Edge Quality Assurance for Warehouse

Drive picking and packing precision— all while reducing manual quality assurance checks.

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When security, control and latency are critical, a private MEC may be your best cloud option.

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