Enabling agility via automation

Automation and robotics running on Verizon 5G business solutions can help you streamline operations, increase agility and enable new business models.

  • Automating

  • From robots on a factory floor to autonomous busses rolling through retirement communities to drones dropping packages at your door, autonomous machines are near at hand. 5G will be key to making them reality.

Strong business agility

The more you can build automation into your business model, the better chance you have for enabling new opportunities, streamlining operations and boosting your agility. Take the first step toward more autonomous systems with 5G.

  • 5G business innovations

    5G will open up a world of possibilities for businesses.

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  • 5G Ultra Wideband and the future of robotics

    Robotics could soon become smarter, faster and safer with the help of 5G.

  • 5G and the impact on manufacturing

    Learn how next-generation networks will revolutionize factory operations.

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  • 5G access requires a 5G-capable device in a 5G coverage area.

  • 5G Ultra Wideband

    Enable transformative business use cases, from autonomous machines to augmented and virtual reality experiences to massive IoT.


Building a foundation for autonomous robots

Autonomous robotic systems, including autonomous mobile robots (AMR), will require access to advanced compute power and ultra-low latency. 5G and mobile edge computing (MEC) have what it takes.

  • Corning trials private MEC with Verizon

    See how Verizon and AWS teamed up to help Corning trial a private MEC platform.

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  • Ghost Robotics and 5G

    Learn the value 5G can bring to an innovative company like Ghost Robotics.

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  • Drone monitoring

    5G can help enable drones to monitor critical infrastructure like pipelines and oil rigs.

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  • Verizon 5G Edge

    See how the power of the cloud built at the edge of the network can help you provide improved customer experiences.

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Enabling driverless vehicles

By combining artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solutions like sense and detect with 5G and MEC, you can begin to bring autonomous vehicle plans to life.

  • Harman relies on Verizon 5G to make connected vehicles possible.

    Learn how Verizon 5G Edge helps Harman make Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) computing possible.

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  • Semi autonomous fleet

    Adoption of semi autonomous technologies can help transportation fleets stay nimble and meet goals.

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  • Autonomous machinery

    Industries like mining can promote safety and efficiency by putting machines to work in dangerous environments.

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  • Build your future factory.

    Verizon offers a variety of solutions to help manufacturers boost performance, streamline operations and protect data.

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Enable automation and remote control with 5G built right.

Verizon 5G is built right to deliver innovative business outcomes and help you transform your organization.

  • 5G built right

    There’s 5G, and then there’s 5G built right. Find out what sets Verizon’s approach apart.

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  • 5G executive primer

    Boost your expertise fast with a deep dive on 5G’s implications for business.


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  • 5G e-guide

    Get started in 5G with a guide to what it is, how it works and where it may be headed.

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