Remote Work Cybersecurity

Opportunistic cyberattacks often occur during uncertain times. With Verizon Business Continuity solutions, you can activate defenses to help secure, control and protect digital assets.

Maintain security

As organizations shift operations to accommodate for new working environments, cyber attack surfaces can increase dramatically. From secure connectivity to advanced device protection–Verizon has the expertise and tools you need to confront cyberattacks.

That way, you can work remotely with confidence and focus on the success of your organization.

Protect against cyberattacks

Adversaries continue to infiltrate your network. That's why Verizon helps to protect you against today's cyber threats and keep you ready for what's next.

  • Software Defined Perimeter


    With a significant spike in remote work and a changing business landscape, your organization needs software designed to provide dynamically provisioned, air-gapped networks that are well equipped to help defeat network-based attacks.

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  • Endpoint Security


    Employees on the go constantly access and carry sensitive data on their mobile devices. Security arms your infrastructure with advanced anti-virus protection to help identify and block malware from running on endpoints.

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  • Cyber Risk Monitoring


    Businesses infrastructure is more vulnerable than ever. Cyber Risk Monitoring provides critical visibility to vulnerabilities as your attack surface expands.

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  • Rapid Response Retainer

    When a cyberattack strikes, your business needs access to expertise and tools. Rapid Response Retainer helps protect against data theft, speed containment and mitigate damage, all while preserving evidence and protecting your organization’s reputation.

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Secure remote workers and devices

Access, protect and respond to mobile security threats that occur when employees are mobile or working remotely.

DNS Safeguard

Internet-based attacks can happen to any device at any time. Operating from the cloud, DNS Safeguard acts as a DNS firewall by helping prevent your on-and off-network devices from connecting to malicious sites.

Public Sector


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