Digital transformation

When you create a more digital, adaptive infrastructure,
you can better position your business to take advantage
of new opportunities.

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  • Adapt and transform your business.

  • No matter your industry or size, one universal challenge that businesses face is adapting to change. To transform into a more agile organization, you need a flexible infrastructure and the right operational platforms. Using our end-to-end digital transformation solutions on the Verizon Network as a Service (NaaS) platform, we can help create a roadmap that will get you where you need to be.

Digital Transformation solutions are best for:

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    Small businesses looking to grow and secure their operations

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    Medium-sized and large enterprises that want to gain a competitive edge by becoming digital-ready businesses

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    Public Sector agencies with objectives such as constituent experience improvements and cloud migration

  • Multi-Cloud App
    Access Manager

  • Now you can quickly and easily provide your users with fast, secure access to the cloud app experience—globally. All from a single dashboard on a cloud-native solution.

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  • Secure access

    Empower security and cloud operations teams with a layer of zero-trust protection. Get apps going with just a few clicks and create access policies.

  • Intelligence & insights

    Tap the power of machine learning to help seamlessly orchestrate and optimize cloud services that can help improve application performance and lower infrastructure costs. 

  • 5G

    Explore the many transformative capabilities and possibilities of 5G across industries and use cases.

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  • 5G Edge

    Discover how Verizon is changing the game by putting cloud capabilities right where they’re needed with mobile edge computing.

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  • And accelerate growth through virtualization.

    No matter what your long-term goals are, on-demand growth and scalability can likely help get you where you want to be. And virtualization enables just that. By combining an agile network with virtualized cloud, we can help you rapidly deploy new apps and services and connect to an increasing number of cloud-based vendors and platforms.

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  • While you reimagine your workplace.

    “Work” as a place has undergone a fundamental change. With many organizations expected to keep travel restrictions and work-from-home policies in place long-term or permanently, the role and importance of collaboration has increased. Organizations need to create workplaces that serve employees wherever they are while still allowing them to participate fully.

    By helping workers collaborate effectively whether they’re in an office or remote, you can keep them productive and engaged and increase the pace work gets done.

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  • And keep it secure.

    Digital transformation opens new opportunities for innovation—and new opportunities for security threats. As a leader in security, we can help keep your digital landscape protected. Our security-first strategy helps you better focus on the increased vulnerabilities of your transformed business.


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    • Why 5G needs to be the foundation of your enterprise mobility platform

      Learn how to unleash new capabilities with 5G.

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    • 5G delivers for transformational applications.

      Get the outcomes your business demands with app performance at 5G speeds.

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    • Explore our digital transformation framework.

      We have designed an approach to help enhance the agility, security and mobility of all our customers—and we call it “the 5 states of ready.”

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    • Return to Business as Unusual: Workplace of the Future

      Learn what it takes to embrace the workplace of the future.

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    • Get your business digital ready.

      Discover how to drive success from your digital initiatives with our decision maker’s guide.


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    • Make your CX stand out.

      Find out ways to step up your employee and customer experience (CX)—with expert tips, a research report with stellar insights and more.

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    • Enterprise networking tips

      Your network needs to keep up with demand. Get timely insights and invaluable tips from our networking experts.


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  • Reimagining Your Digital Future: The Future of Work Index

    Watch the webinar replay to see our panel of Verizon experts discuss why organizations that scored in the top 20% of the Future of Work Index reported better financial performance than their peers—and how these companies are laying foundations for
    future success.

  • Solutions that suit your business strategy

  • Whatever your specific business goals, we have a wide range of solutions that can help get you there.  

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    • Discover imaginative ways to help transform your business.

      Our Executive Briefing Program gives you one-on-one access to our top execs, industry leaders and subject matter experts to explore creative strategies that can drive innovation forward.   

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