Upgrading public sector from Time Division Multiplexing (TDM)

Learn about transition options to move your TDM-based critical infrastructure to newer technologies.

Transitioning to Next-Gen connectivity

For years, Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) has served as a reliable technology for voice and data communication in the public sector. However, this technology has matured towards the end stage of its life cycle. The ability to maintain these networks for both Verizon and its suppliers has resulted in significant operational costs and, in many areas, supplier discontinuances. 

For those reasons, the time has come to make a plan to replace this dated technology. While many customers have already been made aware of the need for this transition, it’s critical to determine the best option for TDM modernization in the very near future.

Next-generation services

Today's next-generation technologies have evolved to support the demand for faster, more flexible connections. Verizon has deployed a wide range of next-generation transport services and solutions that better meet your expanding operational needs while also reducing costs and improving reliability.

Modernizing with Verizon brings numerous benefits; Industry-leading services and solutions, knowledgeable sales personnel and access to experienced engineering and design resources to ensure the best possible outcomes for modernizing your environment.

Why the transition?

TDM technology, while historically reliable, has limitations that hinder its ability to support the demands of modern communication networks. TDM is less efficient than newer options, it struggles to handle increasing bandwidth demands and doesn't offer the same scalability or security as more modern solutions. Upgrading to newer technologies allows Verizon to provide you with:

Enhanced performance

Transitioning to advanced technologies allows for higher bandwidth, faster speeds and improved reliability.

Future-proof infrastructure

Embracing next-gen solutions ensures that our network remains agile and adaptable to emerging technologies and customer needs.

Optimized efficiency

Streamlining your network infrastructure enables us to allocate resources more efficiently, resulting in a more robust and cost-effective technology ecosystem.

Improved flexibility

Easily scale your bandwidth higher or lower as your needs change, ensuring you only pay for what you use.

Increased reliability

Enjoy a more reliable connection with less downtime and better service.

Advanced cybersecurity

Transitioning from TDM to more modern systems boosts your security posture. Newer technologies are better able to support artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, encryption and authentication protocols.

Make your plan to upgrade

At Verizon, we understand the importance of continuing to provide solutions that meet the diverse needs of our public sector customers. We want to help you seamlessly transition to services designed for superior performance and reliability.

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This innovative gateway to high-speed connectivity comes without some of the constraints of traditional wired infrastructure. Verizon Business Internet offers a reliable and flexible solution that leverages our industry-leading 4G and 5G networks. Whether you’re in a rural area with limited connectivity or a densely populated urban center, this fast and efficient solution empowers you to stay connected, work remotely and access online services with ease.

Experience ultra-fast connectivity with Verizon’s fiber-optic technology, ideal for bandwidth-intensive applications and mission-critical operations. Fiber can deliver unparalleled performance, low latency and symmetrical upload/download speeds.*

Verizon ethernet services provide scalable, high-performance connectivity tailored to meet the demands of organizations, regardless of their size. Whether you need dedicated point-to-point connections, multipoint ethernet networks or virtual private LAN services (VPLS), Verizon offers flexible solutions to support your communication needs.

Enjoy crystal-clear voice calls over an internet connection, known as Voice over IP (VoIP). Verizon Home Phone Connect eliminates dependence on traditional phone lines.

Enhance your business communication with this cloud-based phone system that offers advanced features and scalability.

Simplify your communication infrastructure with our unified communications solutions. Verizon’s Unified Communications and Collaboration as a Service (UCCaaS) allows you to operate seamlessly across voice, video and messaging platforms while enjoying the flexibility of cloud-based communication tools.

Simplify your IT operations and optimize performance with Verizon's managed services. Let our experts handle network monitoring, maintenance and security, so you can focus on your organization’s core objectives.


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Why Verizon?

As a trusted leader in communications technology, Verizon is committed to delivering superior connectivity solutions backed by unparalleled reliability and support. With our advanced network infrastructure and industry expertise, you can navigate this transition with confidence and embrace the future of communication.


Time division multiplexing (TDM) is a decades-old communications process that transmits multiple streaming digital signals over a common channel. With TDM, the various incoming signals are divided into equal fixed-length time slots. After multiplexing, these signals are transmitted and reassembled into their original format after de-multiplexing. Time slot selection is directly proportional to overall system efficiency. This technology often runs on copper wires.

Along with an explosion in basic bandwidth demand over the last few years, emerging technologies are  increasing the need for network speed and capacity. Government workforces and constituents have become more mobile, and this shift requires additional security measures to support and protect a greater number of end-user devices. The Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning can also impact network traffic as they help to reduce labor-intensive work, and shift workers from time-consuming processes to spending more time on higher-value work. Enterprises are migrating services and capabilities to the cloud while demanding high reliability and low latency. Plus, cybersecurity threats are always looming, compelling your network to grow smarter, be more agile, and be increasingly more responsive.

The network technology over the last few years has been rapidly advancing to ethernet, internet, private IP and new wireless solutions. TDM over copper and fiber based services are very expensive to maintain, have very limited replacement parts for repair and they do not provide the flexibility, reliability or suitability for next-generation services.

Some examples of products and technologies considered under TDM modernization activities include:

  • Access
  • Select plain old telephone services (POTS)
  • ATM, Frame relay and IP VPN services
  • Metro Private Line, US Private Line + National Private Line TDM services
  • TDM port speeds for Private IP and Internet Dedicated

Services not currently affected by TDM modernization program activities include:

  • Private Line (Wave and Ethernet)
  • Internet Service with Wave, Ethernet, Wireless and Satellite Access
  • Private IP (Internet)  with Wave, Ethernet, Wireless and Satellite Access.   

There are many benefits gained by the government moving from network transformational activities. 

  • New technologies can provide improved network availability and reliability, thus helping deliver reduced downtime. 
  • Help avoid unexpected service outages with slower mean time to repair (MTTR).
  • Increased bandwidth is available at a lower cost per bit as the capacity per fiber has increased.
  • Additionally, a new modernized network is more cost effective, consuming less power and space.

TDM-based services are being restricted due to the cost of maintenance and part availability. Additionally, there are government contracts where TDM-related services are no longer available to procure and order through Verizon. Reach out to your Verizon sales representative for specific questions regarding your service needs.

To assist with modernization needs, Verizon teams have been reaching out to customers to discuss what options are available for your upgrades. Feel free to reach out to Verizon with any questions you may have with the current technologies you are employing today.

Verizon will waive ETLs leaving circuits which have been announced for discontinuation as part of TDM Retirement. Ask your Verizon representative for more details.

Next steps

We understand that transitioning to a new technology can raise questions. Verizon is committed to supporting you throughout this process. Contact us for personalized guidance and information on:

  • Specific timelines for your TDM service phase-out
  • Detailed information on available alternative solutions
  • Assistance in selecting the best option for your needs
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