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K-12 education is being transformed by the move to digital content and curriculum.

E-Rate Overview

K-12 education is being transformed by the move to digital content and curriculum.  This drives the need for more and more network capacity and improved cyber threat protection. Verizon offers several cost-effective data, voice, network and security services to help meet your district’s communications needs and improve the learning experience.  Many of these services are eligible for E-Rate funding.

Verizon E-Rate Eligible Services

Category 1

Includes the services needed to support broadband connectivity to schools and libraries. 

Ethernet +

Our private Ethernet services are reliable and secure, with world-class performance, allowing you to connect your buildings, data centers and schools to deliver both IP and non-IP traffic securely across a single Ethernet connection. Whether you choose to use Ethernet services alone or with other Verizon Services, our common access architecture provides the flexibility to customize your network. Learn more

Dedicated Internet Access +

Upgrade to a high-performance network backed by enterprise-grade, dedicated internet access. Our Internet Dedicated Services provide reliable connectivity and flexible bandwidth over a public network, so you can share content and curriculum easily and quickly.  Learn more

Fios +

Fios is built on a 100% fiber-optic network for high speed, capacity and reliability. It’s the technology of tomorrow, available today. Learn more

Voice, Unified Communication Services and VoIP Trunking +

Verizon offers many voice services, from basic business lines with local and long distance service to advanced VoIP solutions that enable voice and data communication over a single IP network. Our Unified Communications as a Service solutions integrate voice, messaging, presence, video, and mobility on a single platform in the Cloud to help create a more collaborative learning environment.  Learn more

Wireless +

Choose from a variety of rate plans, devices and mobility solutions, all delivered over America’s best network. Learn more

Category 2

Includes the internal connections needed for broadband connectivity within schools and libraries. Support is limited to the internal connections necessary to bring broadband into, and provide it throughout, schools and libraries.

Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) solutions +

No matter how complex the specific needs, Verizon can help schools capitalize on their IT investment by providing ongoing support for mission-critical communications infrastructure. With everything from routers and switches to Wi-Fi access points, our customer premises equipment solutions help you refresh technology as you see fit. Verizon has direct relationships with the industry’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of communications equipment and we offer equipment, installation, and maintenance services at competitive prices to help you take full advantage of advances in communications technology. 

Structured cabling provides a complete solution for wiring and cable upgrades to support customers across the United States. Verizon has direct relationships with the industry's premier manufacturers and suppliers of communications components and installers to offer structured cabling services at competitive prices.  Learn more

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The links below will  take you to the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) web site. We provide these links as a convenience, and we are not responsible for the content on their site.

Invoicing and Discount Reimbursement Process


There are two approved methods of issuing invoices to USAC for reimbursement under the E-Rate program. Verizon supports both the BEAR and SPI invoicing methods.

Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement

Applicants file the Form 472 Billed Entity Applicant Reimbursement (BEAR) form if they have paid their service provider in full for the supported services and want to be reimbursed by USAC for the approved discount amount. USAC recommends that applicants file their BEAR Form 472 online. Verizon supports the online BEAR form filing process and checks USAC's web site regularly for BEAR Form 472s that require certification.

Service Provider Invoice

If the service providers have issued discounted bills to the applicants, the service providers file the Form 474 Service Provider Invoice (SPI) with USAC seeking reimbursement.

Under both methods, USAC reviews the invoices and will process the payment once the invoice has been approved.

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