Improving mission-critical outcomes with 5G.

  • 5G Innovation

    5G delivers eight performance attributes, or currencies:

    • Fast throughput
    • Service deployment
    • Mobile connectivity
    • Connected devices
    • Energy efficiency
    • Data volume
    • Low latency
    • Reliability

With all eight of these currencies, you have the powerful, game-changing platform for innovation that Verizon is building.

DoD 5G-Enabled Use Cases

Opportunities and Promises of 5G for the Public Sector


    5G Drives Edge Computing

    5G enables the federal government to operate at the speed of mission. Listen and share a podcast interview with Steve Lefrancois, Verizon’s Public Sector Chief Technology Officer, with Government Technology Insider.

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    Beyond the Cell Phone: 5G Drives IT Modernization

    Edge computing puts processing power in the hands of users, wherever they are, which can amplify the capabilities of cloud services. 5G wireless communications is making edge computing a practical reality, which could impact the digital transformation efforts of federal agencies, Steve Lefrancois explains how we are on the cusp of a new wave of innovation.


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