Contact center network services for government

  • A great customer experience platform needs a superior network to connect the omnichannel transactions from the end users to your agents.

  • Whether it's the beginning of your digital transformation campaign integrating voice and data, orchestrating emerging technologies like SDN, or utilizing SBC as a service, your CX journey starts with a fast, intelligent, and secure network. Verizon has several foundational networking services including IP Contact Center that help bring customers to your valued CX platform.

    Verizon is the industry leader in reliable Voice over IP (VoIP) Inbound and hosted IVR services, including an IP Toll Free and local number calling.

    Verizon reliably and securely delivered over 20 billion minutes of IP Contact Center customer contact sessions annually in 2016 and 2017.

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  • IP Contact Center.

  • Our comprehensive IP Contact Center services give you all the usage-based features you need, and the tools to make near real-time time changes quickly and efficiently.

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    VoIP Inbound Options

    Including local to global calling with US domestic toll-free and local services as well as International Toll Free Service and Universal International Freephone Numbers that can be layered with dozens of advanced features including Call Routing, Call Redirect, IVR,
    Voice Call Back, and calling party/DNIS

  • International


    Globally Enabled Contact Center Environment

    Provide faster response to customer
    demands, 24x7 follow-the-sun service
    options, personalized interactions around the world. Our international IP terminations
    services provide the originating service rate
    for calls and transfers that terminate via IP in
    34 countries.

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    Self-Service Management and
    Reporting Tools

    Available through the Verizon Enterprise Center, you have direct access to your account. Our Network Manager application puts you in control by helping you make quick changes to your calling plans and follow your agency in near real-time. In addition, you can extract near real-time traffic management reporting so you can have your finger on the pulse of your callers.

    SD WAN with Virtual Network Service

    Our scalable global transport and routing services give you a flexible foundation to efficiently add and deliver contact center services so you can quickly meet customer demand. As part of our Software Defined Networking product suite, Virtual Network Services turns your physical network into an on-demand virtual network. That helps simplify management and control capital expense while increasing business agility, scalability, and responsiveness. That means you can:

    • Deploy

      services and updates in days, hours, or even minutes.

    • React automatically

      to spikes in demand, and quickly scale to meet evolving service deployments with rules-based management.

    • Easily budget

      and manage costs through an operational expense model.

    • Session border controller as a virtual network service

    • By leveraging our investment in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, Verizon is able to deliver a fully orchestrated, fully managed, virtual Session Border Controller. Customers are able to deploy a cloud-native SBC as a virtual network function (VNF) and maintain physical SBCs.

      Virtual Network Services—SBCaaS Benefits

      • Network and service protection from SIP-based attacks
      • Policing of traffic to prevent overloads and to direct it over the right paths
      • Interoperability and protocol translation, so that networks and devices from different vendors all speak to each other
      • Operated and managed by Verizon Managed Services
      • Deployment via Hosted Network Services platform
      • Ability to connect to Verizon IP Trunking network
      • Ability to combine SBC services with other core enterprise services such as routing, firewall, and SD-WAN

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