Exceptional customer experiences, designed for the Public Sector

Why Verizon

  • Personalized

  • In today’s world, customer experience and enablement are key. Customers are used to doing things on their terms, based on their needs, history, and preferred channels of communication. With VCC for Government, contact center agents can easily deliver tailored experiences and individual solutions.

    • Multichannel Contact
      Let customers reach out to you through the channel that works for them—phone, email, chat, or SMS — and provide them the option to leave a voicemail, wait for an agent, or request a call-back.
    • Individual Recognition
      The VCC for Government identifies users across channels—whether citizens, workforce, or employees—to put them in touch with the right agent.
    • Tailored Responses
      With customers’ information at hand, agents can quickly provide relevant answers or resources and increase first-call resolution.
  • Seamless

  • Fluid, reliable, cross-channel connections are the new standard in communications. VCC for Government can automatically route citizens or government employees to the right agent or method of service across channels, smoothing potential obstacles that could hinder or derail the resolution of their needs.

    • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
      Customize call flows and automated voice menus help callers self-direct verbally or via keypad to agents or pre-recorded messages, for fast resolution.
    • Streamlined Routing
      Automatic Contact Distributor instantly queues and allocates calls, and scripting tools help unify routing rules across channels and agents.
    • Reliable Accessibility
      VCC for Government offers an uptime SLA of 99.9% for select service components* and geographic redundancy.
  • Secure

  • The federal government faces a unique set of security challenges, but Verizon has a long legacy of serving the government and protecting personal data and privacy. In fact, the rigorous security of VCC for Government earned it FedRAMP Authorized**, a universal standard for government cloud-based applications.

    • Designed for Government
      Dedicated infrastructure is designed for US agencies and standardized FedRAMP security parameters.
    • Data Protection
      FIPS 140-2-compliant, end-to-end data encryption as well as user role configurations helps personal and agency data stay protected.
    • Reviews and Audits
      FedRAMP authorization means regular third party audits, continuous scanning for vulnerabilities, and monthly security reviews.

    **Verizon’s Virtual Contact Center for Government is built on the NICE inContact FedRAMP Authorized CXone Customer Experience Platform.

  • Adaptive

  • Rapidly scale up, down, or across departments with flexible technology to meet the needs of contact center teams of any size. Meanwhile, gain insight from present performance with interactive reporting that helps guide more agile resource-planning and decision-making.
    • Informed Decisions
      Standard or custom, historical or current, the VCC for Government analytics provide direct data access that informs changes at any level.
    • On-demand Scalability
      Our pay-per-seat structure allows you to quickly and affordably deploy the services or capabilities that fit what you need.
    • Call Volume Management
      VCC for Government manages call volume spikes, so you can effortlessly adapt to national events or fluctuating seasonal demands.
  • Effective

  • Armed with the right user data, reliable engagement tools, and performance feedback, call center agents can more effectively reach citizens or federal employees and respond to their dynamic needs, driving to greater productivity and user satisfaction.

    • Agent Engagement
      Access to the latest technology and tools helps you attract and retain talented local or remote agents who align with your agency’s mission.
    • Quality Control
      Call monitoring and recording lets supervisors easily oversee quality, making it clear where agents are excelling or could use guidance.
    • Performance Insight
      Encourage continuous self-improvement through the agent performance dashboard, which lets agents see customer feedback.
  • Efficient

  • VCC for Government has the tools to improve efficiency by automating time-consuming processes, enabling working remotely, evenly distributing workloads to avoid agent burnout, and limit upfront costs and control operational expenditures.

    • Seamless Implementation
      Integrate with existing customer support systems, HR systems, and contact center infrastructure with our APIs; or build it independently.
    • Agent Productivity
      With call volume automation and user recognition, you can empower your agents to reduce call-handling times and increase first-call resolution.
    • Consolidate Platforms
      Multiple disparate platforms can be combined in a central cloud based platform regardless of how many locations or agents your agency has.
  • Create seamless connections across channels and deliver more personalized experiences.

Secure, scalable, and effective.

Virtual Contact Center for Government helps your agency mitigate risks and allows you to deploy agents quickly and securely on a FedRAMP Authorized platform. We understand that simply removing existing legacy systems that no longer meet your agency missions is a non-starter — it's expensive and time consuming.

With Virtual Contact Center for Government, it's possible to use what you have and gracefully sunset systems with a service approach. Your agency can scale up and down to meet seasonal spikes or events that can drive contact to your centers.

With a FedRAMP Authorized platform**, you have confidence it meets government security directives, and pay-as-you-go helps you control costs. VCC for Government is based on the NICE+inContact CXone cloud, which is FedRAMP Authorized at the Moderate impact level.

  • enterprise mobility


    Dedicated deployments

    Dedicated infrastructure for U.S. government customers or entities requiring the additional security benefits of a FedRAMP Authorized** platform.

  • Shield


    Constant Monitoring

    Continuous 24x7 scanning against a database of current global security vulnerabilities by Alert Logic.

  • Employees


    App-based policy enforcement and management

    Configurations and user roles set on a per-app level; policies that follow users as they roam the network; customization, management and enforcement of usage features.

  • Financial icon


    Government-defined architecture and SLAs

    Architecture based on FedRAMP security requirements; government-defined SLAs for resolving security events.

  • Finger print icon


    End-to-end encryption

    IPS 140-2 compliant encryption used for all data traffic and data at rest provides end-to-end encryption.

  • Documents icon


    Built-in security reviews and audits

    Regularly audited by an independent FedRAMP third party assessment organization; mobility reviews of security posture with sponsoring agency.

  • Why Virtual Contact Center for Government

  • We provide integrated solution support with the right expertise and consultative approach to customizing platforms to fit your agency's mission and requirements. Bottom line—we provide you with single accountability—one Verizon team with consultants, engineers, and support resources.

    • 20+ years of hosted contact center experience.
    • 200+ professional services consultants.
    • Broad portfolio and scale to support your global business.
    • Verizon named inContact Top Carrier Award in 2016.
  • Single Accountability

    • Government Contracts
    • One Federal Help Desk
    • One Account Team
    • Total Solution Support
  • Solution Expertise

    • Consultative Approach
    • Certified Engineers & Project Management
    • Operations Engagement Manager
    • Customizable Approach & Platforms
  • Solution Provider

    • Global Scale & Delivery
    • Industry Innovation
    • Complete Broad Solution Portfolio
    • Vendor Consolidation
  • Design a continuous experience

  • While contact centers, collaboration, and mobile technologies can provide the means to delivering an integrated omnichannel customer experience, no amount of technology can create a great experience without a firm understanding of who your customers are and what they need. Whether they are citizens or your internal agency workforce, our Customer Experience Design (CXD) practitioners are experts in analyzing Voice of the Customer (VOC) and in Design Thinking methods that help you address those customer needs at every stage of the journey, building loyalty and creating the business outcomes you need.


  • Understanding the CX

    • Voice of the Customer
    • Customer understanding and insights
    • Journey or experience mapping
    • Moments of truth
    • Personas
    Explore the process
  • Innovate for Impact

    • Organize customer engagement
    • Connected customer experience
    • Frictionless service model
    • Customer identification
  • Measurable Value

    • Building a case for change
    • Incremental investment roadmap
    • Risk mitigation
    • Predictive behavioral analysis
  • Value Added Services from Verizon

  • Verizon provides you with a world-class platform from NICE+ inContact and surrounds it with traditional services the public sector has enjoyed.

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