Verizon First Responder Advisory Council (VFRAC)


VFRAC was formed in 2019 to provide strategic input and advice for Public Safety. The council is made up of highly respected, accomplished leaders who represent a wide range of the public safety community, including emergency management, fire, public health and law enforcement.

Rebuilding New York’s fire dept. after 9/11

Sal Cassano spent 40+ years on the FDNY, serving as a crucial leader before, during and after the 9/11 terrorist attacks that took the lives of more than 300 members of the department.

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VFRAC Charter

Expert insight and knowledge

For 30+ years, Verizon has supported Public Safety with an unwavering commitment—strengthened by the council. Our members provide thought leadership benefitting first responder agencies and communities. The council also helps us equip public safety professionals with reliable, tailored solutions and technologies to help keep communities safe.

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Our members

Get to know the people who make up the council and explore their remarkable career paths.

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Chair William J. Bratton

One of the world’s most respected and trusted experts on risk and security issues

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Michael Berkow

Served as Director for the Coast Guard, Chief of Police in four cities and Deputy Chief for the LAPD

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david cagno sm

David Cagno

Spent 22+ years with the NYPD, and worked with the NYPD Financial Crimes Task Force

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salvatore cassano sm

Salvatore Cassano

Spent 44+ years in the FDNY, and held every uniformed rank, including Fire Commissioner

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Brian Dugan

Served for 31 years with the Tampa Police Department, including his final 4 years as Chief of Police

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Kara Kalkbrenner

Served for 37+ years in every operational capacity within the Phoenix Fire Department’s 6 divisions

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Sandy Jo MacArthur

Spent 40+ years with the LAPD, 35 of which were full time and 5 as a reserve officer

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Edward P. Plaugher

Former Assistant Executive Director of the IAFC, and its Director of National Programs and Consulting Services

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Charles H. Ramsey

A leader in developing innovative policing strategies and organizational change, and internationally recognized as a practitioner and educator

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Ellis M. Stanley Sr.

Possesses 40+ years of practitioner experience in emergency management, homeland security and major event planning

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Karen P. Tandy

Has 40+ years of leadership experience in the public and private sectors, and was the first female to head the U.S. DEA

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Faces of Verizon Frontline

Sal Cassano

Watch the courageous story of one of New York’s bravest, who helped rebuild the FDNY after 9/11 and joined the Verizon First Responder Advisory Council (VFRAC) to help improve first responder communications.

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News and events

Discover announcements and learn about Verizon-led discussions and presentations, across the country, on public safety solutions.

Verizon Business Innovation Sessions

Join our collaborative event series to explore how our advanced network and innovative solutions can help businesses achieve their unique goals and continue their digital transformation.


IACP 2024 conference

Register for the 2024 International Association of Chiefs of Police 2024 conference and join more than 16,000 public safety professionals for this four-day event of law enforcement education and networking.


MCCA 2024 Annual Meeting

Experience the Major Cities Chiefs Association 2024 Annual Meeting of police executives from large population centers to help address policing challenges in support of law enforcement’s mission.



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