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  • Overview

    Verizon SIP and Contact Center solutions are now available on SUNCOM.  Verizon's longstanding relationship as wireless services provider to the State of Florida  is now expanded to include these critical enterprise services.   

    Verizon is thrilled to be chosen by the state to participate in SUNCOM as a trusted provider. Verizon offers decades of experience in providing secure, reliable communications to agencies like yours. We’re experts in helping organizations implement advanced collaboration and communications solutions quickly and efficiently.


  • Contract information

Contract details +
  • Contract information

    • Contract Number:  DMS-17/18-004E
    • Contract Term End Date: Initial term July 1, 2025
    • Contract Exp Date:  July 1, 2030

    View the SUNCOM website

Available services +
  • SIP Services

    • SIP Trunking
    • Verizon-managed Microsoft Teams® service
    • Private IP
    • Internet Services
  • Cloud based Contact Center

    • Virtual Contact Center
    • Virtual Contact Center - Fed Ramp
    • Digital Customer Experience
Instructions for Quotes and Ordering +
  • Quotes

    To obtain quotes, please contact your Verizon account manager:

    • State quotes
      Brian Sloan

    • Local Government, Municipalities and Higher Education quotes
      Michael Montgomery



    For information on ordering SUNCOM services you can access the DMS website at

    and select Place an Order or Register as a Customer under the SUNCOM Links menu on the right side of the page.

    You can also reach DMS  by phone at 888.478.6266 (888 4 SUNCOM)

    • Select Option 1 for the Main Menu
    • Select Option 3 for Consulting Services and Service Delivery/Ordering
      • Choose from the following:
        • Press 1 for Consulting Services or
        • Press 2 for Ordering
FAQs +
  • Who can use the SUNCOM Statewide Contracts?
    Most Executive Branch State agencies are required to use the SUNCOM  statewide Contracts to purchase mandatory telecommunications and network services; however, the SUNCOM contracts can also be used by federal agencies, and local public entities that are 100% tax-supported and non-profit or have an eligible joint powers agreement. Please check to see if your organization qualifies to use SUNCOM contracts.

    The following are examples of customers using SUNCOM Statewide Contracts:

    • Florida State Agencies
    • State Universities and Community Colleges
    • City and County Governments in Florida
    • Qualified Non-Profit Corporations and Educational Institutions
    • Private Non-Profit K-12 Schools (with less than $50 million endowment)
    • Libraries
    • Qualified Commissions and Boards
    • Water Management Districts


    Why use the SUNCOM Statewide Contracts?

    SUNCOM Statewide Contracts contacts provide robust, reliable, and high availability telecommunications services at special rates. SUNCOM  Statewide Contracts offer awarded contractors a larger customer base than any other qualified government purchasing vehicle, which encourages contractors to offer lower pricing and more favorable terms, conditions and Service Level Agreements (SLA’s). This collective buying power of the whole public sector in the State generates lower rates and better services.

    Additional benefits of using SUNCOM:

    • Cost effective, reliable services.
    • Services are competitively bid.
    • Eliminates individual customer procurement costs and risk.
    • Industry standard or better Service Level Agreements.
    • SUNCOM Program staff that provides excellent customer support.
    • SUNCOM Program staff manages contractors to ensure quality performance.
    • No term commitment for standard catalog priced services.


    How do I place an order?
    View the Instructions for Quotes and Ordering section above on this page.


    How do I register for the customer portal Verizon Enterprise Center (VEC)?
    Access the Verizon Enterprise Center and select "Register for an account".


    How do I issue a billing inquiry?
    Sign in to the Verizon Enterprise Center.


    How do I open a ticket/incident?
    Please call 888-809-3634 to report a service issue.


    What is the escalation process?
    SUNCOM Communication Services (SCS) related issues such as outages or degraded performance should be reported to Verizon. This can be accomplished by either way of the Verizon Enterprise Center portal  or by calling the toll free number 888.809.3634. An associated Verizon reference number should be obtained once the report has been submitted.

    After Verizon has researched the report or the issue is related to a major outage, escalation requests can be submitted to the SUNCOM Network Operations Center (SNOC) via the SUNCOM Incident Management System (SIMS) at

    Escalation requests outside of normal business hours can be made via the SUNCOM toll free number: 888-478-6266 (888-4SUNCOM) and selecting options 1, 1, and 8. The Verizon reference number is required to request an escalation.

  • Solutions

SIP Services

  • Verizon-managed Microsoft Teams®

    Make teams more productive with secure, scalable unified communications.

    Give your workforce access to the collaboration services they need to work together and get the job done from virtually anywhere their work takes them.

  • VoIP

    Drive a competitive edge with cost-effective business voice services.

    Harness the power of Verizon‘s VoIP network to give your business cost-effective, flexible communications. 


Cloud-based Contact Center Services

  • Digital Customer Experience

    Enhance your customer engagement across multiple channels.

    Using artificial intelligence and natural language processing, we help you understand what your customers are saying.

  • Virtual Contact Center

    Modernize your contact center with cloud-based technology.

    Our global cloud contact center solution enables customers to contact you when and how they want — by phone, email, chat or even text.

  • Speak with a SUNCOM Contract expert

  • State Inquiries

    Brian Sloan

  • Local Government, Municipalities and Higher Education Inquiries

    Michael Montgomery