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    • Overview

    • State and local government agencies and education organizations across New York State can benefit from Verizon’s cloud computing, security and advanced communications solutions. We are committed to designing, building and operating networks, information systems, and mobile technologies that effortlessly meet the demands and challenges shaping technology, government and educational operations today.

    • Wireline contracts

    • Umbrella contract

    NYS OGS Information Technology Umbrella Contract – Manufacturer Based (Statewide)

    This contract enables authorized users to procure from specific lots for software, hardware, cloud, and implementation services. Verizon is awarded both as a holder of lot group 3 Cloud Services (Low, Moderate, and High Risk) and lot group 4 (implementation services). We are also a reseller of various hardware manufacturers in lot group 2.

    Business Communications

    Professional Services


    • Asset and Exposure Management
    • Monitoring and Analytics
    • Incident Management and E-Discovery
    • Enforcement and Protection
    • Identity and Access
    • Risk and Compliance

    Contract information

    • Contract number: PS68692
    • Contract date: December 10, 2015  (updated  April 19, 2018)
    • Term: 5 years
    • Expiration: November 29, 2020
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    • Wireless contracts

    • TCS contract

    NYS Telecommunication Connectivity Services (TCS)

    This is a centralized contract for the acquisition of Telecommunication Connectivity Services (Statewide and County). Verizon Wireless was awarded a contract under Lot 3 Mobile Communication Connectivity Services which includes:

    • Mobile wireless voice
    • Mobile wireless data
    • Internet access
    • Messaging
    • Email communications
    • Other wireless mobile communications services


    • Accessory devices
    • Subsidized devices
    • Unsubsidized devices


    Contract information

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    Billie Huntley
    Manager-Contract Management
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    Umbrella Contract:
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    TCS Contract:
    Billie Huntley
    Manager-Contract Management