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Let customer experience define your brand.

  • Improve your ability to give customers what they need.

  • Customer engagement and customer experience (CX) can boost satisfaction, retention, renewals and wallet share. That’s why contact centers integrate all customer touch points and innovations like speech recognition, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and data analytics to personalize service and create a seamless connection.


  • Cloud contact center

  • To keep customer service efficient, effective and innovative, you need the flexibility of the cloud. Verizon cloud contact center solutions provide quick and reliable network connections that can help you scale quickly while controlling costs.

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  • Virtual Contact Center (VCC)

    Engage customers, empower agents and build personalized experiences that help set your business apart..

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  • Genesys cloud contact center solutions

    Connect with your customers with empathy and deliver amazing experiences.

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  • Contact center network

  • To personalize experiences and proactively guide callers to the best channel on first contact, you need technologies that can dynamically integrate information from different sources—and a network that can support those technologies.

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  • IP Contact Center

    Access all the usage-based features and tools you need to make near real-time changes quickly and efficiently. 

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  • Network Based IVR

    Deliver the intelligent routing and call treatment required by today’s contact centers.

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  • Customer engagement

  • AI and next-generation customer engagement technologies can play a key role in improving CX, fostering brand loyalty, and saving you time and effort. Use these tools to help you provide personalized, instant and consistent interactions.

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  • Virtual Agent

    Take advantage of a conversational, digital self-assistant for your customers to connect with 24/7/365.

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  • Knowledge Assist

    Deliver up-to-date, accurate answers and guidance with an AI-driven knowledge base.

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  • Customer experience consulting

  • Shifts in technology require contact center strategies that meet customer expectations and move at the speed of change. Verizon offers end-to-end CX consulting services to help you create better experiences, drive results and mitigate security risks.

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  • Contact Center Managed Services

    Proactively monitor and manage your contact center infrastructure.

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  • CX Design Services

    Achieve your desired business outcomes with help creating personas, customer journeys and use cases.

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  • Voice security

  • Protect your customer information, intellectual property and reputation throughout all your voice communications.

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  • Call Filter

    Screen and block incoming calls, so you only get the calls you want.

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  • Voice Cypher

    Voice Cypher is a simple, hardware-free solution that protects your employees’ wireless voice and messaging communications through a single encryption app.

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CX Game Changers

In this report, we explore how companies are using emerging
technologies to improve customer loyalty as well as the challenges
faced in ensuring impact.

  • How virtual hold technology can boost customer satisfaction.

    By deploying virtual hold technology or a queue management system, businesses can keep customers happy—and keep their business.

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  • Seven critical caveats of CRM implementation

    People and process considerations are important for a successful CRM integration. Find out what else you need to know.
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  • AI-powered customer engagement: Is it worth the investment?

    Instant access to questions is one benefit of AI. Find out more about how AI is enhancing customer engagement.
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  • Diversify the contact center experience to better serve your customers.

    A diverse contact center can better serve your customers. And by focusing on diversity, you can also improve business performance.
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  • How Verizon’s CX solutions can change the customer experience game

    With customer expectations higher than ever, companies must be ready to predict customer needs and fulfill them from virtually anywhere.

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  • A matter of consumer trust

    Research conducted by Longitude on behalf of Verizon, finds that consumer trust in brands' data-sharing practices is tenuous and that this distrust extends to new technologies.

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  • Customer experience and data sharing

    Six thousand consumers in 15 countries were surveyed about their digital interactions with brands, including how they feel about sharing their data.

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  • Verizon Digital CX

    Digital CX leverages AI and machine learning to create personalized, consistent and contextual experiences.
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  • Verizon Enterprise Center

  • Manage your Verizon services, streamline processes and control critical business functions from your desktop, tablet or smartphone.

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    • woman sitting in front of two desktop computer monitors wearing a phone headset and typing on keyboard
    • Webinar: Communicating Effectively with Customers in a Digital Age

      Digital communication tools like messaging, chat and email are becoming increasingly popular in customer service. How can businesses best utilize these channels to interact with customers and provide quality service while maintaining a human touch? Attend this webinar from Verizon and the Financial Times to learn how. 

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    • Take a bold approach to workforce engagement.

      Listen to our hosts from Verizon and Frost & Sullivan examine recent advances in workforce engagement solutions, consider what it takes to successfully lead a hybrid work environment and provide specific ways to improve customer experiences in the new work reality.

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And discover ways a trusted partner can help your business deliver a CX that counts.

We’ve been providing critical infrastructure and solutions to tie businesses to their customers for more than 25 years. Our contact center operations support more than 100 million retail consumers, giving us deep insights to deliver game-changing customer experience.

  • Building consumer confidence webinar

    Explore how consumers feel about sharing their data to get personalized experiences in return.

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  • Toymaker unifies its communications to scale service.

    Cloud-based solutions help this toymaker meet a 300% increase in holiday demand.

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  • Healthcare payer streamlines client communication.

    Virtual Contact Center helped this company keep up with a 200% boost in business

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  • Build consumer confidence in data sharing and new technology.

    Explore research from Verizon and Longitude on the ways transparency
    helps nurture customer trust.

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