The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA)


Signed into law in 2021, the IIJA authorizes unprecedented federal funding opportunities for government entities, tribal nations and nonprofits. It is designed to help strengthen the nation’s physical and digital infrastructures.


Connectivity has become an essential form of infrastructure. That’s why the IIJA is helping to bridge the digital divide via a $65 billion investment in broadband development—the largest in history.


The Broadband Equity, Access, and Deployment (BEAD) Program is the centerpiece of the IIJA broadband initiative.



Broadband allocations will be primarily disbursed by select federal organizations and individual states.



Lowering overall internet service costs and increasing internet access can help lead to greater digital equity.



The funding supports options that include deployment, digital inclusion efforts, rural utilities, middle-mile projects, computer training and more.


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Airport terminals

Projects that replace aging terminals and increase terminal energy efficiency

Airport infrastructure

Projects that increase safety and expand capacity

Air traffic facilities

Projects that replace facilities and equipment and improve safety and security

More information about funding opportunities is available through the Federal Aviation Administration.

employee monitoring equipment with tablet


Broadly, this portion of IIJA funding has been earmarked for upgrading outdated power grids. Included in those modernization efforts is a focus on finding new ways to increase energy efficiency and decrease energy consumption, which includes measures for:

  • Clean energy initiatives
  • Community resiliency programs
  • Alternative fuel vehicles
  • Supply chains

More information about funding opportunities is available through the Department of Energy.

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Energy Improvement in Rural and Remote Areas

(Available until expended)

Some of the funds allocated for energy initiatives have been used to establish competitive grants. These programs provide financial assistance for environmental protection and improve resilience, reliability, safety and energy availability in remote areas of the United States.

More information about these funding opportunities is available through the Department of Energy.

students in classroom watching video screen

Renew America’s Schools Program

(Available until expended)

Competitive grants have been established to make specific improvements at public schools. These use cases include:

  • Energy efficiency (e.g., smart lighting)
  • Ventilation
  • Renewable energy
  • Alternative vehicles
  • Alternative fuel vehicle infrastructure improvements

More information about these grant opportunities is available through the Department of Energy.

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Powered by cellular-based advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) solutions and analytics, next-generation smart grid solutions that provide reliable, robust, secure and future-proof technologies. IIJA funding initiatives support clean energy and community resiliency programs that offer demonstrable returns on investment and benefits to customers and communities.

The Internet of Things (IoT)

IIJA also supports intelligent systems, such as:

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) charging
  • Smart lighting
  • Conditioned-based management and asset tracking 
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The transportation funding granted by the IIJA is intended to support transformational projects that make the nation’s transportation systems safer and more resilient. A wide variety of use cases is eligible for a portion of these funds, including but not limited to:

  • Roads and bridges
  • Passenger and freight rail
  • Public transit
  • Airports
  • Ports and waterways
  • Safety and research
  • Electric vehicle charging

More information about funding opportunities is available through the Department of Transportation.

Cybersecurity allocations of funds¹

iija map allocations


Cybersecurity funding by state (including DC)


DC  $10M
RI  $10.9M
DE  $11M
HI  $11M
ND  $11M
SD  $11M
WY  $11M
AK  $11M


VT  $12M
MT  $12M
NV  $12M
NH  $12.4M
NE  $12.7M
ME  $13M
CT  $13M
ID  $13M
NM  $13M
UT  $13M
KS  $14M
WV  $14M
NJ  $15M
IA  $15M
OR  $15M


MA  $15.7M
MD  $15.9M
CO  $16M
AR  $16M
MS  $16M
OK  $16M
LA  $16M
AZ  $17M
MN  $17M
KY  $18M
WA  $18M
WI  $18M
SC  $18.3M
MO  $19M
AL  $19M
IN  $20M


VA  $21M
TN  $21M
IL  $22M
GA  $24M
OH  $25M


PA  $26M
NC  $27M
FL  $29M
NY  $34M
CA  $40M
TX  $42M

Broadband allocations of funds²

map iija broadband green


Broadband funding by state


NH  $2B
VT  $2B
ME  $2B
DE  $2B
RI  $2B
WY  $2B
HI  $2B
ND  $2B
SD  $2B


ID  $3B
NE  $3B
NM  $3B
KS  $3B
MT  $3B
UT  $3B
NV  $4B
WV  $4B
MS  $4B
AK  $4B
AR  $4B


IA  $5B
OR  $5B
OK  $5B
CT  $6B
SC  $6B
CO  $6B
KY  $6B
MN  $6B
AL  $6B
LA  $7B
WI  $7B
AZ  $7B
MD  $7B
TN  $7B


WA  $8B
IN  $8B
MO  $9B
MA  $9B
VA  $10B
NC  $10B
MI  $10B
GA  $12B
OH  $12B
NJ  $13B


PA  $17B
IL  $17B
FL  $19B
NY  $26B
TX  $35B
CA  $44B

Broadband coverage map³

map fixed broadband 2

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Essential transportation infrastructure improvements

Read about the decisions state and local governments are making to improve and modernize transportation infrastructure using IIJA funding allocations.

Federal Aviation Administration overview

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They’re actually the same bill! IIJA also has several other names and is referred to in many ways — the Invest in America Act, the infrastructure bill — or even by allocation areas and funding sources, like 


  • Broadband Equity, Access and Deployment (BEAD), Affordable Connectivity, digital equity and Internet for All in the broadband category
  • Strengthening Mobility and Revolutionizing Transportation (SMART) IoT or National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) from the Department of Transportation
  • Grid innovation or smart grid grants from the Department of Energy


Funds are being delivered to state, local, tribal governments and some nationwide entities through formulas and competitive solicitations — it varies with the federal department overseeing each program. Each participating department has an IIJA website outlining requirements and Notice of Funding Opportunity (NOFO).

Because there are multiple federal agencies, programs, and types of funding the timelines vary. The relevant agency (i.e. Federal Communications CommissionDepartment of Commerce, Department of Transportation, National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) or Department of Energy) will provide application information and including related deadlines on their website.

Yes, entities can apply for multiple funding opportunities as long as they meet the eligibility requirements for each.

No. Whether you’ve been successful or unsuccessful with IIJA applications, organizations may continue to apply as long as they are eligible for the program.

It’s estimated that this infrastructure bill will support more than 700,000 new jobs each year, including approximately 175,000 manufacturing jobs, 175,000 construction jobs and 100,000 transportation jobs.

Federal spending on infrastructure is usually part of the federal budget. Infrastructure investment peaked in the 1970s, at about 2 percent of the gross domestic product (GDP). But in terms of dedicated investments in the vein of IIJA, you’d have to go all the way back to the New Deal recovery effort of the 1930s. Yet even that famous initiative, which created well-known structures like the Hoover Dam, the Lincoln Tunnel and the Tennessee Valley Authority, didn’t match the infrastructure investment of IIJA.

Technology is a key component of the infrastructure bill, and Verizon is a leading partner for government and public sector. As Verizon offers best-in-class networking, cybersecurity and IoT solutions, we are excited about the historic opportunity offered by IIJA and inspired by the prospect of transforming our country’s virtual infrastructure.  

Learn more: 

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Verizon for smart grids

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1 Map data as of February 2022: cybersecurity; broadband; broadband coverage

2 Report results are based on self-reported information and are for assessment purposes only. Your actual data systems and information configurations and needs may differ from these results and report insights. You should not rely on this report in lieu of a professional assessment of your data