Customer Readiness

Welcome to Verizon’s Customer Readiness Website. This site will assist you in preparing for your Verizon service installation. Reviewing the content on this site and following some simple steps will help facilitate a smooth installation of service.

  • FAQ

  • The Verizon checklists below contain detailed information about preparing your site for your upcoming installation. The readiness criteria may vary based on the type of installation we will be performing for you, graphical location, and local laws. Your Order Manager or Account Manager will be a valuable resource in helping to outline the exact requirements. Please keep the checklist handy as it provides information regarding the required installation and premises readiness.

    For status of your order at any time, please visit the Verizon Enterprise Center:

  • Commonly Used Terms & Acronyms

  • Demarcation Point (Demarc) - The point at which Verizon’s facilities end at the customer’s location.  The customer’s inside wiring starts here

    MPOE (Minimum Point of Entry) - The location within a structure where the line from the local carrier enters the building. Can also be the demarcation point (see above) if no extension is required

    Customer Location/Site - This is the main location where the service is to be installed

    Expedited Delivery - Requested delivery time is shorter than the standard interval. All efforts are made to accommodate but dates are NOT guaranteed.

    CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) – Customer provided equipment such as a router or modem, required to bring up the service.

    LCON/ALCON - The Local Contact (LCON) or Alternate Local Contact (ALCON) that is available at the service location.