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Online Backup & Sharing

Use Verizon Online Backup and Sharing to store and back up securely to an online storage location in the cloud, then access and share your files from anywhere.

Verizon Online Backup and Sharing service includes the use of the following four applications:

  • Desktop Application is software downloaded to your computer. Once installed, you can then select which files you would like to backup to your secure online cloud storage account. You are then free to schedule the automatic backup of selected files and folders. Backups can be scheduled monthly, weekly, daily, or even every hour, you set the schedule. Backup files and folders can also be restored at anytime. The backup software can be downloaded from the My Business, My Apps section of your account to multiple computers.

  • Website Application is a web site where subscribers can selectively upload and download files and folders to their secure cloud account. You can also send password-protected sharing invitations containing links to your files and folders for friends, family and business associates. If you receive an invitation, you can view, download, upload, and change files depending on the permissions granted to you by the person who sent you the invitation. The Online Sharing application site allows you to share files, photos, personal videos, music, and more without the problems associated with email attachments. Even share directly to social media sites like twitter and facebook.

  • Share Drive is software downloaded to your personal computer (currently only available with Microsoft Windows operating systems). Once installed, an icon is added to Windows Explorer and the computer's desktop. You can right click on a file or folder to share it instantly. You can also upload, download, and restore files by selecting the file or folder you'd like and dragging it to your online account or your desktop. The Sync folder allows you to easily drag and drop files into the cloud and have instant access from all other devices with the Sync folder. The Secure Area provides an extra layer of protection for your most important files by automatically encrypting any files that you place in here. This area of the share drive is only accessible via a secret password you create.

  • Mobile applications allow you to access and share stored files in the cloud from your supported mobile phone or tablet. Set up secure automatic backups of pictures and videos and manually backup music and other files directly from your Smartphone or tablet. Once files are uploaded you can easily stream music and videos from your secure cloud account and share with content with friends.

Order Verizon Online Backup & Sharing

Getting Started with Online Backup & Sharing

How does Online Backup & Sharing work?
I have a sub-account. Can I use Online Backup & Sharing?
How does Online Backup & Sharing work with sub-accounts?
Is Online Backup & Sharing protected?
Why does my first backup take so long?
Can I use Online Backup & Sharing with my mobile phone or tablet?
How much space can I get with Online Backup & Sharing?
How do I get Online Backup & Sharing?
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