Virtual Contact Center

Orchestrate customer journeys, empower agents and provide exceptional cloud contact center experiences.

What it is

Verizon Virtual Contact Center (VCC) tools are embedded with purpose-built AI to create seamless human-assisted, digital-first customer interactions.

Contact center employee engaged in phone conversation

Digital entry points

VCC Expert and Guide solutions proactively help customers find the right information at the first point of interaction – web, search engine, chat, social media, etc. – to give them a smart beginning to their journey, right at the digital doorstep.

Journey orchestration

Orchestration solutions connect and route customers across their entire journey in a way that’s frictionless, consistent and smart, combining digital channels, self-service and voice as one. VCC provides over 30+ digital channels for organizations to offer their customers.

Smart self-service

AI-powered smart self-service chatbots and virtual assistants enable your customers to resolve their own issues around the clock.

Digital Entry Points

  • Expert
  • Guide

Journey Orchestration

  • Omnichannel Routing
  • Enlighten AI Routing
  • 30+ Channels
  • Virtual Agent Hub
  • Personal Connection

Smart Self Service

  • Smart Assist
  • IVR
  • Expert
  • Enlighten XO
  • Self Service Analytics    

Empowered Agents

  • CRM Native Agent
  • Expert
  • Real-time Interaction Guidance

Complete Performance

  • Workforce Management
  • Quality Management
  • Performance Management
  • Feedback Management
  • Interactions/Screen Recordings


Smarter connections

Meet your customers wherever their journey begins, monitoring sentiment and empowering them to solve challenges on their own as a first option.

Frictionless CX

Integrate all digital and voice channels to provide a frictionless journey for your customers and resolve concerns on the first attempt.

Data-driven insights

Leverage analytics to make omnichannel interaction data relevant, easy to consume and actionable, improving decision-making at all levels.

Empowered agents

Improve agent productivity with workforce engagement tools such as agent assistance, personalized quality management, coaching and gamification.

Business agility

Leverage flexibility and scalability to deploy agents virtually anytime, anywhere, as business demands change.

Reduced cost

Our pricing model charges for services when agents are signed in. When integrated into our network, VCC provides a single-rate voice transport cost per minute with no access charges.


Smart knowledge management

Agents receive critical information so they can be prepared for interactions while creating personalized and unique interactions that delight customers and resolve their issues quickly.

AI and smart self-service

AI-powered tools help customers fully and conversationally resolve customer needs across multiple industries with broad applicability to a wide range of use cases without human agents.

AI-driven routing

With holistic customer experience (CX) data, VCC AI routing tools are able to quickly analyze data collected and predict the right agent to assist with the problem.

Digital customer journey guidance

VCC is designed to anticipate a user’s needs and provide immediate resolution with targeted, timely and relevant information.

Proven network reliability

With Verizon IDA and PIP connectivity, customers have the advantage of network on demand, global reach and flexible connectivity models.

Optimized workforce

Agents and supervisors employ a suite of workforce optimization, analytics, voice-of-the-customer and automation tools to help them understand, analyze and improve journeys.

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Create exceptional experiences

Virtual Contact Center offers AI-powered, digital-first seamless experiences across channels so your customers can get the right help at the right time.

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Solutions Brief

How Virtual Contact Center helps

Our software solution enables your customers to contact you when and how they want—by phone, email, chat or text.

Mar 26, 2024

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Cloud contact centers use software solutions to manage operations virtually so customers and agents can interact across multiple channels, no matter where they are.

AI is fast, efficient and time-saving, enhancing how contact center agents collect key information by using conversational self-service, anticipating customer needs and facilitating agent-assisted channels to resolve issues faster.

A chatbot offers customers self-guided help over text to determine whether issues can be resolved before escalating interactions to live agents.

Digital CX refers to the overall perception customers have of a brand’s digital presence, from website to social media, and how seamlessly they can interact with all of those channels.

Automatic call distribution (ACD) software automatically sends customer messages—calls, texts, emails, etc.—to the agent best suited for the interaction based on analysis of their skill sets.

Workforce management (WFM) is a subset of our VCC workforce optimization (WFO) solution. WFM focuses on operational management factors such as staff and costs (hours tracking and absence management). VCC also uses tools to help train contact center agents to improve productivity and customer satisfaction, helping to lead to greater CX and employee engagement.

Verizon Virtual Contact Center or VCC is a cloud contact center that supports multiple digital channel interactions (such as social media and chatbots) versus a traditional call center that only supports voice calls. VCC is a scalable and flexible solution to meet your unique business needs.

VCC provides the ability to capture voice and screens. The solution can be configured to record voice and screen recordings for incoming, outgoing and agent-to-agent calls. VCC also offers masking tools to prevent recording of passwords and protected information.

VCC  Analytics and QM Analytics work off of recorded interactions.  Speech analytics for voice calls can take several hours for the recording to go through the transcription phase (chats and emails are available immediately).  Recorded interactions (voice calls, chat and email) in the VCC QM Analytics solution are available for playback near real time.

VCC Preview and progressive dialer both help improve connection rates when used with a dialing plan. Manual Agent Dialing is available as a core function of VCC.

For automated outbound dialing, the Personal Connection Dialer supports multiple dialing modes, which you configure through parameters on a per-skill basis.

Verizon Virtual Contact Center provides forecasting, scheduling and machine learning tools to improve workforce productivity, shift bidding, agent evaluation and much more.


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