SecureLogix voice security and assurance solutions

Restore customer trust. Stop unwanted traffic.

What it is

These solutions help provide robocall and malicious call protection, authentication to verify inbound calls and detect spoofing, and call branding to restore trust and get your outbound calls answered.


Automated inbound call verification uses a variety of metadata services to score each call to help prevent fraud and lower contact-center operational costs.

Call security

Our voice security firewall filters inbound traffic to screen out attacks, threats, robocalls, spam and bad actors.


Increased opportunities

Restoring trust and brand loyalty can increase call answer rates.

Call protection

Help protect your lines of business and contact centers from attack, disruption, robocall, spam, fraud and abuse.

Costs control

Help lower contact-center operational costs by automating fraud detection and call authentication.

Policy enforcement

Maintain control of your voice security policies.


Call branding

Help improve call answer rates on outbound calls through delivery of enhanced caller ID visualization and call details.

Spoofing protection

Provide near real-time detection and protection against spoofing attempts that try to use your corporate phone numbers.

Outbound call number reputation defense

Restore brand reputation for corporate calling numbers and remove fraud spam labels from legitimate numbers.

Inbound call authentication

Deliver call trust scores for all inbound calls to your contact center agents to help prevent fraud and reduce call processing times.

Inbound call defense/firewall

Filter restricted, malicious or unwanted call traffic into your organization and contact center.

Flexible deployment options

Choose vendor agnostic solutions from customer premises equipment (CPE) to cloud services to fit your organization’s preferences.

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Dramatic increases in unwanted robocalls in recent years have led many people to stop answering inbound calls unless they know who is calling. In fact, calls from unwanted callers are the number-one consumer complaint to the FCC. As a result, many legitimate calls from unidentified and/or unfamiliar corporate calling numbers go unanswered—analysts estimate that to be greater than 90%. In addition, robocall blocking apps and services sometimes mistakenly label legitimate enterprise calls as fraud or spam, further deteriorating call answer rates.

An enterprise can substantially increase its answer rates with branded caller ID services that help customers better identify their calls. In addition, SecureLogix can work with appropriate reputation protection vendors to help ensure customers' outbound calls are not inappropriately labeled as “Spam” or “Fraud.”

Voice networks are under attack from a growing number of highly sophisticated scammers, hackers and fraudsters. Attackers increasingly favor high-value targets, such as contact centers, 911 facilities and critical government resources where they can steal money or cause the most business disruption and damage. SecureLogix solutions from Verizon can provide protection against voice security issues through inspection of each call and the ability to implement policies to block or redirect calls, as well as send alerts.

Securing voice networks and authenticating calls help protect customer voice networks and contact centers from being exposed to malicious attacks. This includes Telephony Denial of Service Attacks (TDoS), toll fraud (both inbound and outbound), call pumping, robocalls, no-value callers, social engineering, fraud and other abuse. Additionally, contact centers can save money when they automatically authenticate calls instead of using live agents. Plus, they can improve customer experience by not having to ask a lot of verification questions during the call.


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