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data and productivity.

Get protection, security and support with Verizon Protect Business. Enroll within 30 days of device activation.

VZ Protect Business is available for up to 999 eligible VZ business wireless lines with Tier 1 smartphones or watches. For information about your smartphone model Tier, visit our website or brochure, go to or call 888.881.2622. Claims limitations, deductibles, line limits and terms apply.
  • Mobile security, affordable protection

  • Your smartphone and data are critical to keeping your business up and running. We've combined device protection to cover lost, stolen or damaged devices with our robust business device management and security tools in one simple, affordable option. Meet Verizon Protect Business.

    Available as a single device option for Tier 1 smartphones.

Verizon Protect Business is best for:

  • Tablet and mobile phone


    Businesses with devices that are critical to success

  • Mobile Hotspot


    Mobile workers who access company or customer data on a mobile device

  • Phone and globe icon


    Mobile workers who require devices on the go

  • Get added protection

    Get protection.

    Get protection benefits with additional security and 24/7 support. Plus you get Business Tech Coach Security, which contains the security benefits of Business Mobile Secure.

  • Get peace of mind

    And get peace of mind.

    Verizon Protect Business not only covers your eligible smartphone, but also helps you manage business devices and provides security software.

Features and benefits

Protect your smartphone with a suite of tools that combine the benefits of Total Mobile Protection for Business and Business Tech Coach Security.

  • Same day delivery and set up

    Get your replacement smartphone or new devices purchased from delivered and set up the same day.

    All Same Day Delivery and Setup services (a benefit of Tech Coach) are subject to the following: available in select locations, which are subject to change at any time, contingent on certain criteria, including customer location, technician availability, and inventory availability. Same Day Delivery and Setup for new devices is only available for devices purchased on, if presented as an option at the time of device purchase. Same Day Delivery and Setup for insurance replacements is available for select smartphones with approved claims, with eligibility determined at time of claim approval. Replacement device could be new or refurbished.
  • $0 cracked screen repair deductible

    Get unlimited cracked screen repairs at no additional cost as soon as the same day.

    Select smartphones that only have a cracked front screen are eligible for cracked screen repair (smartphones with damage to the back glass or other damaged components beyond front glass are not eligible for cracked screen repair). Subject to parts availability, in select locations, which are subject to change at any time. Availability of same-day repair depends on criteria such as claim approval time and technician availability. Repairs are performed by an Asurion-certified technician and come with a 12-month limited warranty. Eligibility for cracked screen repair will be determined at time of claim approval. Visit to check current device eligibility. This benefit is provided by Wireless Phone Protection.
  • Damage replacements

    For damage beyond a cracked screen, enjoy a $99 damage replacement deductible per claim for replacement devices.

    The $99 damage deductible will apply for all damage that is ineligible for cracked screen repair. The $99 damage deductible will not apply if your loss and theft deductible is under $99. In such cases, the damage deductible will be the same as your loss and theft deductible.
  • Unlimited number of claims

    Get peace of mind with unlimited number of claims

    Does not apply to Total Mobile Protection Multi-Device for Business customers.
  • Unlimited laptop health checkups

    Help keep your business laptop in shape with PC tune-ups, diagnostic exams to help identify issues and expert help removing viruses.

    Available in select locations and for select laptops, which are subject to change at any time. Laptop health checkups are limited to diagnostic exams only, and do not include troubleshooting, triage, repair or replacement services. Anti-virus software installation, scanning and virus removal (if applicable) will also be provided.
  • Unlimited device refresh

    Promote longer device life with deep cleanings and unlimited device performance checks to help you improve speed, performance and battery life.

    Device performance checks and device sanitization are only available in select locations, which are subject to change at any time. Availability of refresh services are for most smartphones and tablets and is contingent on certain criteria, including device type and technician availability. These services are diagnostic only and do not include troubleshooting, triage, repair or replacement services. Select refresh services may be available as a web-based service.
  • Fast battery replacements

    Get help fast at an Authorized Repair Facility for battery replacements and other post-warranty malfunctions.

    Replacement or repair for post-warranty malfunctions is provided under Verizon Extended Warranty. Repairs are available for select smartphones only, in select locations, subject to parts and technician availability. Eligibility for repair will be determined at the point of Extended Warranty claim. If a repair option is not available for your model smartphone, you will be offered a replacement device, and the Extended Warranty $49 replacement fee will be waived. Verizon Extended Warranty is not available in Florida or for Florida customers. In Florida, extended warranty coverage is provided by the insurance program (device replacement deductible and claim limit apply).
  • 24/7 access to tech support

    Get live, on-demand access to Tech Coach experts who can help you better utilize your device and connect it to virtually anything else.

    Feature offered through  Business Tech Coach Security.
  • Mobile device management (MDM)

    Control your business mobility with the ability to configure compatible mobile devices, and create user and app policies.

    Feature offered through Business Tech Coach Security and available to Verizon wireless business customers for smartphones and tablets that meet applicable OS requirements.
  • Mobile threat defense

    Protect mobile compatible devices against phishing, app, network and device-based threats with Lookout for Small Business.

    Feature offered through Business Tech Coach Security.
  • Wi-Fi security

    Be notified when a device attempts to connect to an unsecured Wi-Fi network.

    Feature offered through Business Tech Coach Security.
  • Dedicated technical support

    Get access to live chat messaging for onboarding, setup and troubleshooting for the MDM and Lookout features.

    Feature offered through Business Tech Coach Security.
  • Don’t let device issues disrupt your business.

  • Single-device coverage for select smartphones


  • Enroll now

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Verizon device protection options are  available for eligible Verizon business wireless lines and devices. You must enroll within 30 days of device activation or during another qualifying event. Certain benefits are available with select plans. Claims limitations, deductibles and terms apply.

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