Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams

Your teams connected, wherever work takes them.

What it is

Empower mobile, frontline and hybrid workforces with a mobile-first Microsoft Teams® calling experience using the native dialer or keypad on their Verizon mobile device.


Teams calls ring simultaneously on all devices.


Answer calls easily on your mobile phone —turning it into a Teams endpoint.


Seamlessly uplift mobile calls from the smartphone's keypad to Teams, without dropping the call, for easy collaboration.


Reduce costs

Eliminate multiple numbers and devices so you can focus on core business.

Simplify calling

Uplift calls to Teams from your smartphone or other devices (laptop, desk phone), without dropping the call.

Collaborate productively

Leverage greater anywhere access to collaboration capabilities from one number that works across Verizon mobile devices and Teams endpoints.

Empower a mobile-first workplace.

When your Verizon business-provided mobile number also becomes your Teams Phone number, you can stay connected wherever work takes you.

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams for Public Sector

Turn your agency-provided mobile phone number into a Microsoft Teams phone number and stay connected wherever work takes you.

For more information, call 844-825-8389.


Single phone number

Make and receive calls outside your organization via the smartphone’s keypad or Teams endpoints using a single Verizon business-provided mobile number.

Simultaneous alerts

Incoming calls ring simultaneously on multiple Teams endpoints, including on your Verizon Business mobile device. Teams presence reflects mobile device status.

Seamless call transfer

Seamlessly uplift calls made on your smartphone’s keypad, and move calls between devices and Teams endpoints during a call.

Compliance recording

All calls can be recorded for compliance purposes – helping to protect your business from the threat of potential audits or fines.


Implement enterprise-grade calling policies for employee calls on Teams and the mobile native dialer.

Unified call history and voicemail

View combined call history, unanswered calls and voicemail on Teams.

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One number, anywhere access

Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams enables anywhere access to Microsoft Teams capabilities, all via a single business-provided phone number for mobile and desktop.

A new way to work whitepaper

Apps like Microsoft Teams are helping unify communications between users working onsite, work-from-home users, hybrid users and those who spend the bulk of their time traveling and working from mobile devices.

Understand the economic impact of Verizon's Teams calling solutions

Discover the potential ROI from deploying Verizon's calling solutions for Teams in this Forrester Consulting Total Economic Impact™ study.

Supercharging collaboration for the mobile workforce e-report

Learn about the mobile transformation journey and how to enable your mobile-centric workplace.

Igniting success in the modern workplace

Learn how mobile collaboration can help improve business efficiencies and reduce costs.

The power of Teams with Verizon

Learn how to enable a mobile-centric workplace through the lenses of an analyst, a customer and a technology expert. Read the whitepaper.

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Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams is part of Verizon’s customizable Microsoft Teams calling solutions suite, including Verizon Voice over IP (VoIP) for Operator Connect and Verizon Calling for Microsoft Teams™—all providing the quality, reliability and security of Verizon’s global voice networks for calling outside of your organization and designed to meet the diverse calling needs of your workforce.

Teams calls made using the smartphone’s keypad are treated as voice calls—not data—on Verizon’s award-winning LTE network, providing the superior call quality you expect.

Teams calls using the mobile native dialer are treated as voice calls, not data, on Verizon's 5G/LTE network, providing superior call quality and security.

Yes, all three Teams calling solutions—Verizon Mobile for Microsoft Teams, Verizon VoIP for Operator Connect and Verizon Calling for Microsoft Teams—work together seamlessly. So, Verizon enables you to combine solutions to create the right fit for each user based on their individual roles and business needs.

The power of Microsoft Teams—running over the enterprise-grade security, reliability and network quality of Verizon’s 5G/LTE and global VoIP networks—gives employees rich communication and collaboration tools wherever work takes them.

Reach out to us to get started! Select Verizon as your Teams Phone Mobile carrier partner of choice directly from a menu within your Microsoft Teams Administrator Center and a representative will be in touch.


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