Automated guided vehicles management

Help manufacturing, warehousing and logistics operators optimize routing of multi-vendor fleets of AGVs in near real time—to easily meet changing market and customer demands.

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Inefficient robotic fleet management

​​Inflexible deployment

Inflexibility of current AGV deployment and physical guidance systems can limit productivity.


Lack of scalability

Without the right infrastructure, older AGV systems can't achieve the real autonomy that new solutions provide, which can restrict the opportunity for business growth.

Sluggish innovation

Manufacturing needs more than automation, it needs technology that can respond to changing business needs.

Safety concerns

Inconsistent oversight can increase the risk of AGV collisions and accidents.


AGV management powered by 5G

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An overview

AGV fleets leverage 5G wireless networking and computer vision-based navigation to traverse the plant floor during operation. It replaces more rigid and costly methods, such as laser-guided navigation, floor-based magnetic tape, or rails and mirror.

Remote operation and control

Use computer vision (CV) technology to help optimize routes while machine learning algorithms enhance efficiencies.

System integration
via APIs

Seamlessly integrate MES, ERP systems and WMS through APIs to help increase productivity.

Manufacturing execution system (MES); enterprise resource planning (ERP); warehouse management systems (WMS); application programming interface (API).
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Solution portal

Get near real-time fleet status, plus analytics and performance metrics to help your business become even smarter and more agile.

Surroundings-aware perception

Enable simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) to help prevent dangerous collisions.

Adaptability at the pace of innovation

Reduced costs

Better operational efficiency and utilization can help organizations minimize costs.

Increased productivity

A private 5G network and mobile edge computing can help keep organizations steps ahead.

Better flexibility

With an advanced solution, you can reroute AGVs to help meet changing customer and market demands in near real time.

Improved safety

Better monitoring and control can enable mobile robots to respond quickly to changing conditions—to help enhance plant safety.

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*Verizon offers Verizon-branded, fully managed MEC solutions as part of its 5G Edge solutions portfolio. Additionally, Verizon 5G Edge public and private MEC platforms can support an array of other potential use cases and applications, neither Verizon-branded nor sold by Verizon, that are either in the Verizon 5G Edge Partner Program or provided by customers.