Crowd Analytics

Help provide more efficient, safer crowd movement and management strategies by analyzing crowd behavior.

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Inefficient crowd management in venues

guest safety

High-density, high-velocity crowds in large venues can pose safety and operational challenges.

Communication breakdowns

Insufficient communication among staff and guests can cause frustrating guest experiences.

Gaps in
crowd-flow data

A lack of insights into different crowd behaviors can get in the way of effective management and planning.

Crowd analytics powered by 5G

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An overview

Sensors and cameras monitor traffic flow, and a multi-access edge computing solution relays data to communication endpoints via an app.

Better utilization of data

Receive detailed insights on crowd behavior patterns to help better manage staff and optimize venue pathways.

Safer crowd management

Use heat mapping and LiDAR sensors to help ease congestion and help patrons make smarter decisions as they navigate through venues.

Improved communication

Push alerts to distributed staff, highly visible signage, location-specific audio sources, and venue wayfinding apps to help divert fans to less congested routes.

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Helping improve guest experiences and operations

wait times

Help minimize wait times at entry points, concession stands, restrooms and other busy areas—to increase customer satisfaction.

traffic flow

Easily track large congregations of people, congestion patterns and traffic flow to help improve overall venue safety, security and efficiency.

Maximize revenue opportunities

Gain real-time predictive and historical insights to help optimize store or venue layouts, minimizing congestion and encouraging customer purchases.

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*Verizon offers Verizon-branded, fully managed MEC solutions as part of its 5G Edge solutions portfolio. Additionally, Verizon 5G Edge public and private MEC platforms can support an array of other potential use cases and applications, neither Verizon-branded nor sold by Verizon, that are either in the Verizon 5G Edge Partner Program or provided by customers.