Cashierless checkout

Help transform the shopping experience by reducing shopper transaction time, improving customer satisfaction and potentially boosting revenue.

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Friction during the shopping experience

Long checkout lines

Extended wait times at checkout can lead to customer dissatisfaction.

Labor shortages

High labor costs and other labor challenges make it difficult to adequately staff checkout counters.

Cashierless Checkout powered by 5G

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An overview

Cameras and computer vision track shopper movement and connect their actions with retailer operations applications—allowing for sales transactions and customer information to be accurately managed.

Seamless shopping

Video analytics and Internet of Things (IoT) devices identify and track items as shoppers add them to their physical cart. As they continue to shop, their virtual cart is updated in near real time.

Fast, accurate

When entering the store, shoppers check in using a credit card or loyalty app. Once they're done shopping, they can simply exit the store. A digital receipt is then automatically generated.

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Enabling a more convenient shopping experience

Optimized inventory

Front-end analytics could be implemented to find the optimal inventory mix by location—helping to drive purchasing decisions.

Increased sales

Computer vision–based algorithms could increase customer transactions and purchased items.

Redirected personnel

Employees could be freed up to focus on customer service activities and other business tasks.

Improved experiences

Customers could be enabled to simply walk out of the store—no need to scan items or interact with a cashier.

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*Verizon offers Verizon-branded, fully managed MEC solutions as part of its 5G Edge solutions portfolio. Additionally, Verizon 5G Edge public and private MEC platforms can support an array of other potential use cases and applications, neither Verizon-branded nor sold by Verizon, that are either in the Verizon 5G Edge Partner Program or provided by customers.