Quality assurance for warehouses

Help ensure warehouse picking and packing precision—all while reducing reliance on manual quality assurance checks.

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Inefficient warehouse operations

Industry demands

Industry 4.0 requires manufacturers and warehouse operators to be able to respond to changing demands faster than ever before.

Errors in picking lines

Demand for quicker response times can cause errors in picking lines.


Inefficient returns process

Identifying returned items that are not in original packaging can be time consuming and expensive.

Increased costs

Inaccurate picking, packing and returns processes can negatively impact profitability.


Warehouse quality assurance powered by 5G

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An overview

Computer vision (CV) technology captures anomalies in operations in near real time and quickly alerts staff—to help minimize costly picking, packing and returns processing errors.

High speed, low latency

Enable a secure, high-speed, low-latency 5G network to help your organization meet the growing demands of automation and more.

Application programming interface (API)

Use APIs to provide visual guides and indicators to help workers locate items faster and with greater accuracy.

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5g edgeusecases qawarehouse api 804x398

Computer vision and machine learning

Get near real-time evaluation and identification of inventory as it moves along a logistics line, plus verification against records.

Alerts and notifications

Instantly and easily alert staff when anomalies are detected to help minimize costly picking and packing errors.

Meeting your warehouse QA standards, precisely

Picking and packing efficiency

Items can be located faster and errors detected before items are packaged for shipment.

Returns processing efficiency

Camera and Al identification of returned items and proper item disposition saves employee time.

Improved end-user experience

Minimized shipments of incorrect or faulty items helps improve customer satisfaction.

Reduced warehouse costs

Reduced manual QA and faster error response times can help decrease waste and boost throughout.

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*Verizon offers Verizon-branded, fully managed MEC solutions as part of its 5G Edge solutions portfolio. Additionally, Verizon 5G Edge public and private MEC platforms can support an array of other potential use cases and applications, neither Verizon-branded nor sold by Verizon, that are either in the Verizon 5G Edge Partner Program or provided by customers.