Workforce productivity

  • AR Enabled Collaboration

  • Advanced visualization in patient care

  • Immersive virtual reality education

Real-world possibilities for 5G and MEC +
  • woman looking at tablet in office

    Leading a virtual campus tour

    Using the Beame app and 5G Edge with AWS Wavelength, prospective Morehouse College students will be able to teleport  into an extended reality (XR) experience and interact with Morehouse staff in near real time.

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  • man in warehouse at shelves

    Faster, more accurate quality control

    Ice Mobility is using high-definition cameras and an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled computer vision application hosted on premises with Verizon 5G Edge with Microsoft® Azure® Stack Edge and Verizon’s 5G network to help reduce product packing errors and speed processing time.

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Off-the-shelf 5G applications +
  • mri attendant with patient

    Advanced medical-imaging app

    With Osirix HD on 5G Ultra Wideband, medical providers can quickly view and manipulate high-resolution images on an iPhone® 12, saving valuable time with the low latency of 5G.

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  • diagram of machinery

    Next-gen AR prototyping app

    JigSpace®, a next-gen augmented reality (AR) app, can make it easier to prototype lean manufacturing, develop product demos, train teams and much more, using Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband on the iPhone 12 Pro.

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