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The future of 5G:

As Verizon ramps up the availability of 5G networks across the country, considering the future of 5G is exciting. The potential for a variety of technologies thanks to 5G is almost infinite. Learn about the future of 5G and these potential technologies below.

Where is 5G technology now?

In its current state, 5G technology is in its infancy, but we can already examine some of the possible technologies of the future with it. For example, 5G Ultra Wideband is already dramatically faster than 4G connectivity. Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband technology is already offering faster speeds, providing the ability to download things like webcasts and VR training modules in mere seconds rather than minutes.

Where is 5G technology headed?

The future is bright for 5G technology. It has the potential to allow connectivity among people,  machines and systems in more ways than ever before. Its low latency can enable technological innovations like improved 3D imagery, holograms, virtual reality and more. For example, in a 5G connected world, machines and nodes placed in the field will have the ability to provide massive amounts of data about industry, consumer trends and supply chain that can be aggregated and analyzed in the cloud to provide near real time insights to guide important business decisions.

The Future of 5G: Public Safety

Public safety is one area where 5G could make a significant impact. Thanks to help from Verizon’s 5G technology, first responders like firefighters and police officers could be equipped to do their jobs more effectively—both quicker and smarter. The low latency of 5G may provide near-real-time gathering and sharing of data, providing an environment where critical information (from road conditions to structural stability) could be made available to first responders almost instantly. Additionally, as the ecosystem scales, ambulances could benefit from 5G technology ranging from streaming near real time diagnostics to the emergency room before the patient even reaches the hospital to leveraging augmented reality (AR) in connected glasses to get expert assistance in field diagnostics.

The Future of 5G: A Healthy Planet

5G technology is likely to reduce “up to 90% of our current power consumption,” as explained by Verizon chairman and CEO Hans Vestberg. 5G may help promote clean energy through the modernization of the electrical grid across the country, which would lead to more efficiency through renewable energy sources. 5G connectivity also enables devices to move more of the processing of data to cloud applications, improving device battery life and overall consumption. 

These key areas speak to just some of the potential for the future of 5G technology. The possible speed and capacity improvements will help usher in the Fourth Industrial Revolution through efficiencies across a variety of industries.

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