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How businesses
should prepare
for 5G

5G network technology is offering new and exciting opportunities for businesses to expand their offerings and connect to the Internet of Things. As businesses increase the data they store, send, manage, and leverage, their needs are evolving rapidly. A company’s need for speed, capacity, and super low latency are no longer luxuries, but must-haves to plan for in the short term.  Verizon’s 5G Ultra Wideband network can offer the potential for driving advancements across a variety of industries, which means businesses need to get ready. There are a number of ways for businesses to prepare for 5G, so consider the following:

  • Learn about the difference between 5G and 4G, such as the new peaks for capacity and reductions in latency. You can also learn how greater amounts of information transferring between devices quickly can impact consumers.
  • Find out about the eventual benefits of 5G, eventual support of up to one million connected devices in a square kilometer, and improved energy efficiency— and how it will affect businesses.
  • How aligned is your technology portfolio with your industry’s average? Are there products available now that could help your business later? Assess the connectivity needs of your business and plan your future with Verizon’s 5G Assessment Tool.
  • Every business needs to respond quickly to evolving business dynamics and deliver better value to their customers. By adopting new devices, technologies, and IoT solutions that can be amplified when 5G networks arrive, you can get a head start.
  • Consider new forms of artificial intelligence and augmented reality in your planning as ways to enhance customer experiences, education learning experiences, or as a means to automate operational decisions in near real time — work with your developers and engineers to find out how to implement some of these new application and automation use cases with the help of 5G
  • Develop your 5G strategy—thanks to network slicing, MEC and more, 5G will incorporate a variety of new technologies, from enhanced smartphones to IoT sensors. Leveraging Big Data Analytics and the ability to analyze data within a device can benefit not only your own processes and infrastructure, but also the experience of your consumers.
  • Collaborate with your employees—5G could offer new opportunities for remote working. Team members should be able to share work and push ideas forward, accelerating conversation and creativity with low lag.

These are just some of the ways businesses should prepare for 5G. As businesses grow and evolve, those who are slow to leverage the power of 5G could risk being left behind. Learn more about how 5G is changing the world with help from Verizon.