The connected
car: How to get
internet in the car

Author: Rose de Fremery

You rely on internet access to stay connected wherever you are, including in your car. A reliable in-car internet connection can help provide an immersive vehicle experience including infotainment, 3D mapping, while helping you to stay informed on traffic conditions and enabling you to let someone know if you're running late. It can also keep your passengers entertained while you are en route.

Even a quick trip can run a little more smoothly with the internet in the car. Here's what car Wi-Fi is, how it works and how to get Wi-Fi in the car.

What is car Wi-Fi, and how does it work?

Car Wi-Fi requires a wireless chip to be embedded in your vehicle to enable your car with a convenient internet connection that you can use to make hands-free calls, access live traffic updates and check navigation. This fast and secure internet in the car also lets you wirelessly connect to a number of devices—such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and handheld game systems—right in your vehicle.

If you're wondering how to get Wi-Fi in the car, it's a straightforward process. Once you have enrolled for the connected service per the process set up by your car manufacturer, simply select WiFi from the connection options menu. From there, the car makes that Wi-Fi connection available throughout the vehicle.

Passengers in your car can browse the internet, stream videos and music, and play games to their hearts' content. If you're embarking on a long road trip with the kids, they'll have plenty of entertainment to keep them occupied. Adult passengers will appreciate the chance to read their favorite e-books or catch up on work emails before heading out of town.

How is car Wi-Fi different from regular internet service?

Car Wi-Fi is separate from the internet service you already have for your home or cell phone. It is relatively easy to get Wi-Fi in the car if you are already a Verizon customer or if you have an eligible connected car.

If you're wondering how to get Wi-Fi in the car if you don't have a Verizon plan, you may still be able to get Wi-Fi service for certain vehicles manufactured by Bentley, Lexus, Mazda, Toyota and Volkswagen by visiting the Connected Car plans page.

Do all cars have Wi-Fi capability?

As of late 2021, seven auto manufacturers have equipped certain makes and models with the technology needed to make them eligible for Connected Car Wi-Fi. More makes and models are being added, so check back if your car isn't yet on the list.

Internet in the car keeps you on track

If you've been curious about how to get Wi-Fi in the car, know that it's actually pretty simple. And, with the internet in the car, you can stay connected the next time you go for a drive.

Learn more about Connected Car Wi-Fi with Verizon.