The City of Marietta,
where parking is
more than a lot.


Marietta, Georgia with a population of roughly 61,000, is one of the largest suburban cities in the Atlanta metro area.  As the city grows, so does the demand for parking. City officials understand that 30% of traffic congestion is cars looking for parking.  So, Marietta is taking a proactive approach. 


Marietta deployed the following Verizon smart city solutions and equipment:

  • Solutions: Parking optimization and lighting
  • Equipment: Multiple dual-camera video nodes and energy efficient core node LEDs


The analytics secured from these solutions helped dispel preconceptions and provide facts about parking opportunities and hurdles.  Marietta learned:

  • People were parking their cars longer than the free two-hour limit
  • Contrary to popular belief, there were times when parking was not as scarce as perceived
  • In the mornings, parking occupancy was higher in the lot closest to Starbucks

Based on the data obtained, the city plans to expand the parking optimization solution to additional parking locations using Verizon’s new 4K wide-view video nodes.

How we built the solution.

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