Achieve the Potential of Industry 4.0

  • New Business Incubation

    Our team is constantly pushing to the edge of what’s possible and this exploration leads to new and exciting discoveries. 

    We work to accelerate the symbiotic relationship between humans and machines through the orchestration of platforms and services supporting Industry 4.0.

    From terrestrial robots to location tech, sensor intelligence and industrial IoT, some of the most transformative future technologies are being validated and developed in our group.

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We’re here to solve your biggest challenges.

Watch these videos for a reminder of how we are working to help our customers in their digitization efforts to address some of their biggest challenges and meet the moment of Industry 4.0.

  • Verizon Industry 4.0

    Introduction to Industry 4.0

    The fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0 is a new chapter in human development, enabled by extraordinary technological advances. These advances include new 5G and network capabilities and encompass the digitization and automation of facilities, transportation and work processes to address the challenges of today and tomorrow. At Verizon, we are enabling our customers to meet the moment of Industry 4.0 and help solve their challenges by digitizing their systems and processes.

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  • Futuristic look inside a warehouse facility

    Spatial & Sensor Intelligence and Process Simulation

    Imagine enabling facility leaders and operation managers to better understand the location of employees, machines, and IoT devices in facilities. By using Location and Sensor Intelligence technologies and Process Simulation, Verizon is working to transform Manufacturing, Distribution, Warehouse Management, and more as we move businesses to Digitization.

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  • 5G cell tower in a mountainous region

    Aerial & Ground Robotics

    What was once a slow, manual process is becoming more efficient and cost effective with agile robotics - putting transformational power into the hands of engineers, emergency services, construction firms, transportational agencies, and beyond.

    Whether you're surveying infrastructure, moving goods, or conducting a routine inspection, Verizon's ground and aerial robotic solutions can help.

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  • Ground robot inspecting a facility

    Facility Inspection

    Imagine being able to use Sensor Intelligence and Location technologies, Digital Twins, and Robots in the sky and on the ground to automate a variety of business processes, keep employees in dangerous environments safer, and help reduce the labor crunch.

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  • Two engineers utilizing futuristic technology in a workshop

    Customer Challenges We're Solving

    While leading 5G and bringing the network closer to the edge with Mobile Edge Compute, Verizon is pairing these two technologies with our software expertise in robotics, sensor intelligence, and spatial intelligence.

    We are constantly working with customers to solve the challenges of today, as well as exploring new challenges and developing solutions to predict the needs of tomorrow. That’s why we’re continually expanding the ecosystem of devices and systems that we’re able to orchestrate, from robots, to energy assets, and much more.

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